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A Touch Of Sweetness

Set in the heart of East Belfast, on the bustling Castlereagh Road, sits a picturesque chocolate shop whose reputation has never subsided. Aunt Sandra’s has became one of East Belfast’s hottest attractions, with tourists and locals alike flocking down to get a taste of the fantastic, irresistible and almost too pretty to eat delights.

Since its opening in 1953, many of Aunt Sandra’s family possess her wonderful recipes and are still sharing them with the world today. These fine purveyors of hand made chocolates, fudge and boiled sweets are made from 100 year old recipes.

Walking into this haven of chocolate, it almost feels as if you are in the story of Hansel and Gretel with an array of sweets, fudge and chocolate. These treats cover the walls in a rainbow of colours, returning you to your childhood and your very first encounter. The aroma of home-made candy arouses all your senses in anticipation.

Visitors can see at first hand some old-time candy making at its best, with a viewing window into the small, quaint factory. Over the years, the shop has let visitors in on the secret ways in which Aunt Sandra’s has became such a fine establishment, by holding candy making demonstrations, chocolate work shops and even hosting birthday parties.

One of Aunt Sandra’s most renowned events is the experience in which customers can take a guided tour around the shop, into the factory and even make their own candy,which will surely not disappoint.

So if you are walking around among the hustle and bustle of the Castlereagh Road, pop in to Aunt Sandra’s for an authentic experience into the world of candy, return to your childhood and treat your sweet-tooth.