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Mad Max : Fury Road


Do not go and see this movie if you want to be informed. Do not go and see this movie if you’re looking for in depth reflections on society. Certainly do not go and see this film based on the presence of Tom Hardy alone. Go and see this film if you appreciate an art form that we thought was lost, the good action film. Go and see this film if you appreciate a visual spectacle that outdoes any of the cartoon CG silliness we get spoon fed these days. Go and see this film if…. Just see this film. Continue reading

Not So Happily Ever After For Average Snow White Film

Coming in a year where fairytale based movies seem to be a dime a dozen, Snow White and The Huntsman has been billed as a gritty, dramatic take on the much-loved fairy tale. Sticking quite closely to the story we all know it stars Kristen Stewart in the title role with support from Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman and Charlize Theron as the evil Queen.

A relative newbie to the scene Rupert Sanders has stepped up to the plate to direct and he hasn’t done such a great job at it. The film isn’t terrible but it seems to be lacking in the general scheme of things. Charlize Theron has a great turn playing the beautiful and villainous Queen Ravenna. She eats up every second of screen time given to her and her performance alone nearly makes this film worth watching again but alas this isn’t a fairytale of a movie.

Kristen “why do I have to be here?” Stewart seems to never really have the strength to command the role given to her. In a scene where she must rally the troops it all falls a little flat. Hemsworth gives a good stab at the Scottish accent, even if the only research he done for the role was to watch Braveheart.

The problem lies with the chemistry between the two leads. The audience is supposed to buy and root for their relationship but in the end it all comes off as a little cold and aloof.

The costume design in flawless and helps give the film more of a cinematic scope. But for every positive there is a negative waiting to leap out and pounce. More humour wouldn’t have gone amiss and maybe a better developed story. Less C.G.I and more special effects make up might have helped.

The list could go on and on, so maybe its best not too.

It’s a shame because a movie like this had a lot of potential. This bedtime story was just a little too good at causing the audience to yawn.