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Too Old for Surrogacy?


Surrogacy is a great alternative for couples who cannot have children of their own. Surrogacy is a first-class option for gay or lesbian couples who would like to be parents. But should surrogacy be available to all?

In a similar way to adoption, should there come a point when people are told ‘You are too old to be new parents?’

Surrogacy has long been a topic bubbling under the surface of Irish society, but last week’s RTÉ documentary Her Body, Our Babies really put the spotlight on a practice about which not a lot is generally known. This programme raised a myriad of questions about commercial surrogacy, abortion, the total lack of a legal framework in Ireland, one partner being the biological parent and the other having no genetic connection to the child. And this couple in particular, Sean and Fiona, raised the important question of whether a time should come when the door is firmly closed on parenthood. Continue reading

A Year in Brief: Part One


What a year it’s been; Hitler birthday cakes, mutant rats, and Bob Geldof off to space! To celebrate the end of another 365 days here are some of NIB’s favourite stories of the year.

Kicking off the year in festive spirit a man in Derry was fined after stealing a CCTV camera which “became his friend”. Police found Peter Morrison, 24, drunk and “petting” the camera as they arrived to arrest him. CCTV pets are for life not just for Christmas. Continue reading

10 Cutting Edge Technologies To Deliver Christmas Gifts


Here’s Santa’s problem. He works all year round to make gifts for all the nice boys and girls, but he only has a very small 24-hour window to deliver all of them. Yes we all know he has major magic and can be in many places all at the same time, but still, the number of children all over the world just keeps on growing and growing. And all of them want to have their pictures taken with Santa Claus! This, unknown to many, really happens except most people think it’s just some guy with a pillow stuffed in the belly. All this posing and picture taking subtracts from Santa’s singular purpose of gift-giving.

It’s about time Men give back to Santa Claus and his Global Gift Giving Enterprise with state-of-the-art technology that’s nothing short of magical! In this infographic, we’ve nominated some of the most advanced tech ever imagined to help Santa out. Prepare to be amazed.

How about Santa’s very own SantaNet? It will be powered by Transcranial Pulsed Ultrasound devices worn by all of the world’s children and attached to millions of computers on an Artificial Neural Network all for the purpose of detecting who’s naughty or nice. That way Santa won’t have to keep checking his list twice. All these computers will feed data in a humungous Data Centre capable of storing Exabytes of data. Santa’s very own Naughtiness Database! In the heart of SantaNet will be the world’s most powerful supercomputer, a Christmas Cruncher capable of 33 quadrillions of calculations per second.

Then there’s the problem of red-nosed Rudolph and his gang of reindeer. Yes, him with the nose so bright guiding the sleighs on Christmas night. How to deliver billions of gifts to billions of children so all the nice ones get what they deserve on Christmas Eve? We’re giving them their own hyper-fast gift distribution network powered by delivery drones and Hyperloops.

And what about the elves? They need all the help they can get to manufacture just the right gift for the right child. We’re giving them, exoskeletons that multiply their gift-making magic many times over, plus self-heating roads crisscrossing the Polar Toy Hub so they don’t slip and slide while moving their precious cargo.

Our friends at have included all these and more in their excellent infographic above.

Parent Taming: A Tot’s Eye View Of The Formative Years

parent taming

Parent Taming is a parenting manual with a fairly significant and not-so-subtle difference; it’s written entirely from a child’s perspective. And what a child. Ryan James Stickebachher is a self-styled baby guru and, indeed, guru baby. His opinion? “When you’re a baby you gotta rely on your household staff to get you everything you want. The problem is, they think they know better than you. So you gotta break ‘em in.” And in Parent Taming – The Several Habits of Highly Successful Babies: 0-2 the Early Years, Ryan shares his secret techniques about how to do just that. Continue reading

News In Brief – Irish Champion Slams Innocent Roma


Rob Heffernan, the gold medal winning walker from Cork may walk the walk, but he doesn’t tweet the tweet. A recent slip on the social networking site has taken the shine off his World Athletics Championship medal after, in reply to the case of Gardai removing two children from their Roma families on suspicion of abduction, he tweeted: “Unbelievably dirty scumbags. They should be shipped out”. Uh oh. Of course the Roma children were living with their biological parents and Heffernan apologised.

Further proof paying the property tax was a bad idea: their coming after you for next year’s cash this year. If you succumbed to political pressure and threats of fines (that NIB hasn’t heard to materialise) you’ll now pay for it again as the government wants its wages in advance. They’ve Christmas parties to pay for! Continue reading

Who’s Your Daddy? Simon Cowell


In news that’s bound to raise some eyebrows and allay some theories, American media outlets are reporting that TV mogul Simon Cowell is set to father a child.

The 53 year old American Idol, The X Factor, and Britain’s Got Talent founder , whose sexuality has been the subject of much debate, is expecting a baby with New York socialite Lauren Silverman according to US Weekly. Continue reading

Cork City Supports Childline 25 Campaign


Cork City Football Club today announced they are supporting the Childline 25 campaign in the hope to raise awareness about the campaign for a great cause.

The campaign itself hopes to make more people aware of the help available for children in need and comes as Childline celebrate their 25th anniversary. Continue reading