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The Great Book Mound Of China

wallThey say you can see the Great Wall of China from the moon, it’s one of those myths that is continually perpetuated and which overshadows an actual fact-you can see all the travel books and articles detailing China from the moon! Seriously if ever there was an oversaturated market in need of de-cluttering then this is it. This, however, is not an article preening with historical goodies or political commentary and it is certainly not intended to add to the already stupendous pile of encyclopaedia like travel guides on China. Rather this is a short list of unusual, everyday things that you can expect to find when you visit China and yet somehow, regardless of the volume of guide books that you consume, they are things which you are never really told to expect! They are extraordinarily varied and not altogether pleasant but at least you will have more of an idea of what to expect, saving you valuable time which you would otherwise have spent picking your jaw off the pavement. Continue reading

Woman found bolt in take away

A Popular Dublin take away is facing closure after a regular customer found a bolt in her dish. 

The Chinese take away, which is located in Ballyfermot, is well known to locals and has been in the community for years. 

However it has come under fire after a local woman found a bolt in her dish at the weekend. The woman, who wished to remain nameless, said that she could not believe her eyes when she seen it. 

She immediately rang the Chinese and complained, only to be  further outraged when she was only offered a refund. She threatened the take away by stating that she would go to the newspapers, which forced them to offer her two days of unlimited food for free. 

The woman is still extremely unhappy with the incident and how it was dealt with. She has yet to lodge an official complaint but intends to do so this week.   

Punishment for this discrepancy could result in a large fine or possible closure.

*The identity of the take away has been retained for legal purposes.