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The First Annual Academy Of Super Hero Film Awards

No matter how you feel about it, Thor : The Dark World was the final super hero/comic film in one of the biggest years for super films ever, still not a patch on last year but it was never going to be. Knowing that and seeing as we’re heading into award season I felt that now was the time to take 2013’s best comic films and dole out awards in the same categories as the Academy Awards but limit the field to comic book movies. Please comment below with your criticisms of my picks and feel free to pick your own. Oh and if you can pretend Kevin Smith is hosting it too that would be great.

Best Actor – Hugh Jackman (The Wolverine)

ImageThis was probably the closest call I had to make when compiling my list. On one hand we had Henry Cavill turning in a star making performance in Man of Steel, one which is going to walk him into a lot of high profile movie roles. On the other we had Hugh Jackman, Robert Downey JR and Chris Hemsworth returning to the roles they made famous but in grittier sequels. Even though I feel Cavill is the best acted Superman (not the most iconic yet though), I feel overall Hugh Jackman gave the best performance as a super hero this year. He took all the great features we have loved from his Wolverine over the past 13 years and added new layers of pain, regret and realism. It was his best outing as the razor clawed mutant and was the perfect precursor to the amazing looking X-men : Days Of Future Past. Continue reading

Thor: The Dark World



I personally am a massive comic book fan, especially Marvel comics. My top 20 favourite films mainly consist of gritty noir films, art house independents and cult classics. However the real exception to this trend would be Avengers Assemble which I can safely say is the most enjoyable movie I have ever seen. The first time I saw it was genuinely one of the most exciting and brilliant experiences of my life. I enjoyed it more than any of my birthdays and any Christmas day ever. I realize how pathetic that may sound but its the truth. So naturally you imagine I would be very excited for Thor: The Dark World. I was and I wasn’t.

Any super hero movie gets me excited. Guardians Of The Galaxy are C list at best super heroes who have a movie coming out in 2015 and I have been actively excited since August 2013 when it was announced. However I was reserved with my expectations going into Thor for one reason … Iron Man 3. Iron Man 3 is an actually pretty well liked movie and was a huge success for Marvel studios however I hate it with a passion. I won’t get into the details of my deep hatred now but it has to be noted it left a poor taste in my mouth and left me skeptical about Thor 2. Well the movie finally came along and it has re-affirmed my faith in the church of Marvel. Continue reading

Film Review : Rush


Fast cars, pretty girls and daring to do the impossible is what Formula One legends are made of.  And when you throw a hotheaded rivalry into the mix you get a biopic like director Ron Howard’s Rush.

In the seventies playboy James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) and calculating Niki Lauda (Daniel Brühl) drove the circuit, each daring the other to overtake, both desperate to win.  The only thing these two very different men have in common is the desire to excel and achieve greatness, willing to push themselves and each other to the limit and even beyond. Continue reading

Not So Happily Ever After For Average Snow White Film

Coming in a year where fairytale based movies seem to be a dime a dozen, Snow White and The Huntsman has been billed as a gritty, dramatic take on the much-loved fairy tale. Sticking quite closely to the story we all know it stars Kristen Stewart in the title role with support from Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman and Charlize Theron as the evil Queen.

A relative newbie to the scene Rupert Sanders has stepped up to the plate to direct and he hasn’t done such a great job at it. The film isn’t terrible but it seems to be lacking in the general scheme of things. Charlize Theron has a great turn playing the beautiful and villainous Queen Ravenna. She eats up every second of screen time given to her and her performance alone nearly makes this film worth watching again but alas this isn’t a fairytale of a movie.

Kristen “why do I have to be here?” Stewart seems to never really have the strength to command the role given to her. In a scene where she must rally the troops it all falls a little flat. Hemsworth gives a good stab at the Scottish accent, even if the only research he done for the role was to watch Braveheart.

The problem lies with the chemistry between the two leads. The audience is supposed to buy and root for their relationship but in the end it all comes off as a little cold and aloof.

The costume design in flawless and helps give the film more of a cinematic scope. But for every positive there is a negative waiting to leap out and pounce. More humour wouldn’t have gone amiss and maybe a better developed story. Less C.G.I and more special effects make up might have helped.

The list could go on and on, so maybe its best not too.

It’s a shame because a movie like this had a lot of potential. This bedtime story was just a little too good at causing the audience to yawn.

The Avengers Assembled

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Marvel’s superhero mash-up The Avengers is not the best super hero film of all time, but definitely the funniest.  The story-line is simple Norse god Loki (Tom Hiddleston) comes to earth, steals a cosmic power-cube and wants to enslave human kind with the help of some very nasty aliens.  Not only is his brother Thor (Chris Hemsworth) not very happy with this idea but S.H.I.E.L.D Director Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) decides it’s time to bring out the big guns and create Avengers Assemble, a group of testosterone throbbing supermen.

Of course if you put a Norse god (Thor), a doctor with severe anger-management issues (The Hulk /Mark Ruffalo), a multibillionaire with an ego bigger than his own phallic sky-scraper (Iron Man/ Robert Downey Jr) and an unfrozen WW2  hero who likes wearing silly outfits  (Captain America/ Chris Evans ) into one room fights and a lot of chest banging are bound to occur. But of course after a lot of quips, fist fights and heated arguments they pull themselves together in an attempt to save the world.

Director Joss Whedon does try to balance out this male macho party with Peppa Pots (Gwyneth Paltrow) hot pants, the Black Widows  (Scarlett Johansson) breathtakingly tight black jumpsuit and Fury’s right-hand woman and stunner Maria Hill (not looking for anyone’s mother Cobie Smulders). But between fighting off the alien invasion, great one-liners and even Shakespearean lingo the superheros don’t have time for love.

The Avengers is pop-corn cinema at it’s best, there is something for everyone. The dialogues are witty and entertaining and sure to make you laugh. The special affects are brilliant, between spaceships, aliens planets, massive New York destruction, car crashes galore and the Hulk, the illusion is close to perfect, and of course it’s all in 3D. Both guys and girls have eye candy to swoon over, blonds, brunettes, red heads and even the lovers of green will find something beautiful and hunky (or hulky) to fall in love with. So put on your 3D goggles and enjoy Joss Whedon’s wonderful comic adaptation.