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The First Annual Academy Of Super Hero Film Awards

No matter how you feel about it, Thor : The Dark World was the final super hero/comic film in one of the biggest years for super films ever, still not a patch on last year but it was never going to be. Knowing that and seeing as we’re heading into award season I felt that now was the time to take 2013’s best comic films and dole out awards in the same categories as the Academy Awards but limit the field to comic book movies. Please comment below with your criticisms of my picks and feel free to pick your own. Oh and if you can pretend Kevin Smith is hosting it too that would be great.

Best Actor – Hugh Jackman (The Wolverine)

ImageThis was probably the closest call I had to make when compiling my list. On one hand we had Henry Cavill turning in a star making performance in Man of Steel, one which is going to walk him into a lot of high profile movie roles. On the other we had Hugh Jackman, Robert Downey JR and Chris Hemsworth returning to the roles they made famous but in grittier sequels. Even though I feel Cavill is the best acted Superman (not the most iconic yet though), I feel overall Hugh Jackman gave the best performance as a super hero this year. He took all the great features we have loved from his Wolverine over the past 13 years and added new layers of pain, regret and realism. It was his best outing as the razor clawed mutant and was the perfect precursor to the amazing looking X-men : Days Of Future Past. Continue reading

Ben Affleck To Star In Next Bat Flick

batmanThe question that has been repeated almost to an extent of nausea ever since Comic-Con this year has finally been answered with the revelation that Ben Affleck is to be the new Batman. Many people have been left flabbergasted at the choice with stars such as Armie Hammer, Jon Hamm and even for a time Orlando Bloom rumored to take up the cape and cowl. Alot of criticism has been poured out over the internet by fan boys incensed Warner Brothers and Zack Snyder could come to such a decision. With the negatives of this decision plastered all over social media let me present you with some positives before the four horsemen of the apocalypse are sighted filling over Warner brothers. Continue reading

Film Review – The Wolverine


©Gandalf (Flickr)
This is the Wolverine movie you are looking for

Memories of the muddled mess that was “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” way back in 2009 may still be fresh in our minds, but that hasn’t stopped Hugh Jackman and newcomer to the series, director James Mangold, from attempting once again to provide the knife fingered mutant the solo spotlight in his own movie. And believe it or not, they’ve succeeded and “The Wolverine” is possibly one of the finest comic book movies yet. Continue reading

Batman And Superman To Unite In Film Spectacular

Warner Bros. Studio has revealed plans to unite Superman and Batman in one movie. Director Zack Snyder will bring together the two superheroes on the big screen for the first time.

Snyder is co-writing the story with David S. Goyer, who will then pen the screenplay. The movie is set to begin production in 2014 and will release in 2015. Continue reading

Celtic Knights Issue 3 Leaves Heroes On Brink

 Stephen Coffey’s Celtic Knights is back for a third edition having garnered much interest among the Irish comic book faithful. Prepare to be dazzled once again by the artwork of Mike Kennedy.

The comic resumes in the third part of the four pronged The Best of What’s Left series.

Issue One began with a bang when Commanding Officer General Quentin Blake of the Mega Human Headquarters discovered that 90% of the world’s superhero population had been eliminated from the face of the earth by a villain known as The Broker. Continue reading

Worst Superhero Movies Ever


Fresh from completing his latest comic book venture “Velvet”, author Stephen Coffey reveals his worst superhero movies ever having already paid tribute to the greatest  ever made.

As Superheroes are expected to dominate this years box office, with Superman returning to our silver screens under the name Man of Steel (I’m sure that at some point someone in Hollywood will place Superman before that title, in case people don’t realise that it’s a Superman movie, sigh). With Thor 2, Iron Man 3, and GI Joe 2 coming along it’s time we look back at some of the low points of the Superhero/Comic movies that have assaulted our eyes.

As with my top ten this list is based on the movies that I have seen and are in no particular order.  I won’t respond to any comments or arguments, this is my list and my opinion, you are as always entitled to your own.  Continue reading

Top Ten Superhero Movies

When I was asked to compile this list of the top ten Superhero movies, it left me perplexed.  Should I write down the box office hits?  Anyone can look that up on or should I write down the fan favourites?  Truth be told EVERY Comic Book and Superhero fan would have a different 10 movies and in a different order.

So, since this is my article and since I have my own top ten that is what you are going to get. Continue reading

Life Beyond The Comic Book

Ever wondered what it takes to break some boundaries, step away from the norm and simply have some fun doing what you want?

Many people would have you believe that the era of the comic book is coming to an end but don’t be fooled. One man is continuing something of a comic book renaissance in Dublin, backed by some of the finest artists around.

I caught up with leading Irish writer Stephen Coffey to get an insight into the commitment and dedication that is required to produce comic books, which represent the fulfillment of a dream for the creator of The Celtic Knights.

Why do you write Comics?

It was one of those happy accidents really… I was writing screenplays because I love movies, and one day I was walking by Forbidden Planet Dublin and there was an ad for a local anthology comic, which I won’t name, and I applied. Then a few years later the story that I wrote appeared in print on a shelf in Forbidden Planet Dublin… and it was the most brilliant feeling that I had felt to that point. Now I write and publish my own comics and I do it now to tell a story, everything is about the story. There is also the fans, comic fans are the best, the most loyal and the best critics, if you want to improve your storytelling then write a comic and get comic Fans to review the book. It’s the fastest harshest lesson you can get.

How Long Have you been writing Comics?

I’ve lost track, I want to say 12 years but it could be longer. Time flies when you are having fun.

How long did it take to put the first edition of Celtic Knights together?

I wrote Celtic Knights ( in about 2 weeks, 100 pages of script. At the time I was working with Ger Hankey and the first issue back in 2007 came out within six months. The book sold well but we allowed a silly argument and the financial pressures of the time, along with my own illness to get the better of us and Ger left the project, it’s a regret that I have that we parted with bad feelings but we’ve run into each other at conventions recently and I love the work he does now. Since Ger left there was a few false starts with artists that just lead me on with the promise of work but they didn’t get it done. Then Mike Kennedy (Tulsa OK) came on board and just blew me away with every concept drawing and page he sends in. So now we’re back in full swing and with Mike working a day job we’re about a few months between the issues. We’re in this for the long haul and it is a passion.

What sort of process is involved?

First the writing, which I’m doing at the moment, writing the next volume of stories for the Knights. Mike is still working hard on the first volume of stories. The writing is the easy part, I basically think of a story packed with action and comedy, with fight scenes that are probably hard to draw and pass them to Mike. Mike has the hardest part in the whole process, the art and concept work, and he makes it look so effortless. After the art is done the lettering starts, then it’s back to me and I send all the pages to the printers. The printers usually make one mistake and then we have to correct it, then get it out to the shops.

Describe a typical day during this process.

For me the writing just flows. A movie plays in my head and I write it down. There are times that one scene is just constantly playing in my head and hard to write down, then I watch something and everything just clicks. After you finish writing you re-read everything and make sure it makes sense. There are some days that I write 20 pages and then delete them all, other days I write 1 page and feel like I’ve hit the right spot.

Celtic Knights issue 1 and 2 are now for sale at Dublin City Comics (Bolton St.) and Forbidden Planet Dublin. Or if outside Ireland you can message me  for a copy of the books.

The Society For The Remarkable Suicide

It’s a quintessential cocktail of sex, drugs and suicide yet The Society For The Remarkable Suicide is as enthralling as it is graphic. Suicide has always been considered a touchy subject but the team behind this comic have stood defiant with their sensitive idea and unraveled this controversial yet compelling plot focused around suicide.

The Society for the Remarkable Suicide tells the story of Trevor and Catherine, two people who have reached a point of depression seemingly beyond return and they feel the only way to go is by taking their lives. They join a secret society led by Joe Senior, a man who lost his son Joe Junior, to suicide. Joe Senior, believes his son’s death was considered just “another statistic” and decides to help people who can no longer take the harsh reality of life complete their final act in the most remarkable fashion imaginable. Each member is asked to sign a contract and upon doing this have exactly 3 months to plan it out and a further month to complete the task, we have yet to find out exactly what happens if you fail to do this but I can’t imagine it being pleasant considering the nature of the Society. The Society reaches out to their prospective members through a suicide helpline called the True Light Survivors, basically if you call then you are invited to a Society meeting. As you might have guessed both Trevor and Catherine call and are promptly invited.

The book opens with an account of Joe Junior’s demise complimented by some fascinating artwork from Cormac Hughes and Robert Carey. Stephen Coffey draws the readers closer and creates an emotional attachment to the character through his writing, creating an incredibly moving opening sequence to this graphic novel..

The writing continues to impress as feel for Joe Senior, and his reasoning behind starting the Society. When we meet Trevor he seems like a man who is on top of the world. He has a well paid job and a loving family yet his apparent happiness on the outside is contrasted with a dark sense of depression on the inside.  At 29 he could be considered to have a great life, especially after his recent promotion and yet happiness eludes him. Catherine’s story couldn’t be any more different from Trevor’s. Catherine has fierce difficulty getting her life together. She has a very serious drug addiction, one that sees her take a hit daily . She pays for both her rent and her drug fix by using her body.. Her only source of income is the little handout she gets from her father on a monthly basis. When both Trevor & Catherine are both contemplating ending it all they both come into knowledge of the True Light Survivor helpline and upon getting the invite to a Society meeting they find each other.

The story unravels from there as the duo ultimately find happiness together at a time when they are both planning their own deaths but this happiness comes at a cost as they are now the centre of attention. They realize they have been duped by Joe Senior and that having signed a contract they may be resigned to killing themselves. However they are determined not to go down without a fight and stand up to Joe Senior who is irate that two of his society members have fallen for each other. He sends his cronies to put an end to their newfound relationship but are his attempts successful?

The Society for the Remarkable Suicide is an incredibly moving book. It begins with a sense of awe and depression but the real rewards come as you get further into the story. The more you divulge the magnificent writing of Coffey and the artwork of his team the more compelled and fascinated you become to learn more. A great story awaits, with twists that one can’t foresee.

Coffey and his team deserve the plaudits for their masterful control of a touchy subject. If you are looking for a break from normality and a story that will play with your emotions from start to finish then pick up a copy of The Remarkable Society For Suicide.

The contents in this article and comic do not represent Irish News Review’s stance on suicide.