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James Blunt Beams Into Dublin


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James Blunt. Two words that can cause so much division, usually followed by vitriol, and few can justifiably explain why. Nobody was more sick of hearing the constant refrain of “… you’re beautiful…” across airwaves in the last ten years than the man himself and sadly most people missed the fact that he is an exceptional talent in the meantime. On Thursday night he reminded a near full 3Arena just how good he is. Continue reading

Franz Ferdinand Throw Down Some Indie Rock At The Olympia


The first time Scot rockers Franz Ferdinand came upon my radar was back at Oxegen in 2004. It was back at a time where dance music took a backseat at festivals and the 4/5 piece rock outfit reigned supreme, with these guys leading the way along with the likes of Razorlight and The Killers. Nowadays, Franz Ferdinand and most others are relegated to playing for dedicated pockets of fans in venues like the Olympia, or unappreciated slots such as Electric Picnic last year, and going on last night’s performance they’re all the better for the former. Continue reading

News in Brief – Hacked Off Brendan Drops A Howler


‘Has there been bugging? What’s bugging? Am I a bug?’ Minister Brendan Howlin asked assembled journalists in relation to Garda Ombudsman ’eaves-dropping’ to put it nicely, or phone-hacking. It seems Brendan was at a loss as to what exactly had happened inside the offices of the Garda Ombudsman or where in fact he was.

Where are you? Abroad? Australia or Canada, the promised lands? Well if ye are, ye need to learn to speak proper. According to RTE journalist and voice of the Luas (!) Doireann Ni Bhriain mispronouncing certain words could get you in trouble, when trying to settle abroad. Instead of tay you must say tea, three instead of tree and diddly-ie diddly-ie diddly-ie dee ever time you enter a room, just so everyone knows where you’re from. Continue reading

News In Brief-Fine Gael TD Puts His Foot In It As Gingers Set To Revolt


Some weeks NIB thinks the World can be a strange place, others it is completely and utterly insane.

These are modern times, if asked who they love with all their hearts, most young children are more likely to say Santy than Jesus. Or Harry Styles and the rest of One Direction. Kids in Limerick then will be disappointed that the date of their first Holy Communion has not been changed so they can go to a 1D concert. Gaelscoil an Raithin was forced to ballot parents after discussions about a potential move to three weeks earlier got out of hand. You might not see them in mass but they love a good row. Parents voted overwhelmingly to keep the original date, 24th May for communion, also the day of the boys sold out gig in Croke Park. Don’t worry though kids, they’re shit. Continue reading

Make Way For “GANGS”

L-R: James Connolly, Dan Smith, Jordan Curtis, Jonathan Halpin

L-R: James Connolly, Dan Smith, Jordan Curtis, Jonathan Halpin

No, we’re not condoning organised crime, “GANGS” are a Dublin based 4 piece band made up of Jordan Curtis (Vocals and Bass), Dan Smith (Guitar), Jonathan Halpin (Drums) and James Connolly (Guitar). You won’t see them plastered all over YouTube anytime soon, nor will they be clogging up your Facebook News Feed. That isn’t to say these guys haven’t got songs to flaunt, but if you truly want to experience “GANGS”, it has to be done live.

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Imagine Dragons Bring Night Visions To The Olympia


Many times I have tried to go to smaller gigs with an open mind, ie no knowledge of the artists just their music. I figured it would be a good way to just immerse myself fully in their set and make up my mind based on their live show. Last night, at Imagine Dragons in the Olympia, I finally succeeded in doing so and what a treat it was.
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Springsteen Keeps The Wrecking Ball Rolling In Cork


So, how do you top playing one of your biggest albums live start to finish two days before yet another landmark gig in your forty year career? Well if you’re Bruce Springsteen, you only play three tracks from said album yet still churn out one of the finest live shows of 2013.
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Mumford & Sons Close Out The Park In Style


The Phoenix Park Summer Fest came to a close yesterday and thankfully was a far more resounding success than last year. It was fitting so that we should be sent on the road by the very Gentlemen Of The Road, Mumford & Sons. The first dramatic difference between the two days of the weekend gigs was how much Sunday was a Mumford event. Entering the venue, the crowd was presented with all of the hoarding and props associated with their standalone shows, to the point that even Heineken lost their branding to a simple “Beer” branding in the vintage Mumford style.
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The Killers Rock Phoenix Park

The Killers in action in the Phoenix Park

The Killers in action in the Phoenix Park

Last year, a series of concerts were held in the Phoenix Park consisting of acts such as Stone Roses, Swedish House Mafia, Snoop Dogg and Snow Patrol. As we all now know, the second night which hosted the aforementioned Swedish House Mafia and Snoop Dogg was an unmitigated disaster of epic proportions. Several audience members suffered stab wounds and were hospitalised before the concert had concluded, others died from drug related incidents. The promoters shirked as much responsibility as possible, but as someone who attended the Saturday and Sunday night gigs last year I can say that the organisation was absolutely horrendous. Nobody was searched in any adequate fashion, I myself was in fact not searched at all. The stewards on site were children with no power to stop the violence, violence everyone but the organisers seemed to know was possible well in advance of the gig. What was more blatant was the difference the next day, when Snow Patrol and Florence + The Machine played to another packed Phoenix Park and no incidents were reported. Thankfully, The Killers last night ran more along these lines and has helped to re-establish the Park’s potential as the summer venue for concerts in Dublin. Continue reading

On Call Robbie Williams Wows The O2

Only Robbie Williams could play a gig where whilst wowing 14,000 fans he is on call to be at his wife’s side at any minute should she go into labour with their child. Six years ago Williams played a gig in Croke Park which, though many who were there disagreed, he felt was not his best performance. His response to this was to inform the crowd that he would come back to Dublin and put on a free gig. Let’s be honest, 80,000 free tickets was never going to happen but this gig in the O2 was the next best thing. All proceeds from the €40 tickets went to UNICEF and Childline, fair enough I say.

But back to the hook of the night: that being Robbie’s impending fatherhood. It seems that Mr. Williams somewhat threw these one off gigs together, travelling light with no major stage setups to speak of (although the backdrop featuring three cover images from his new album, each with a 3D effect and changing neon colours throughout). It was him and the band, show and play. Whilst it must surely be something of a stress on his wife Ayda to be without him at the minute, it’s just the kind of thing Williams’ fans have come to love and expect from him, the spontaneity and madness he revels in. Kicking off slightly late at about 8.20pm, the show opened with a bang and one of the greatest show openers ever written, “Let Me Entertain You”. The energy in the O2 was palpable and Williams could definitely feel it too, bouncing around the stage like an overactive child. On we moved to a cover of The Clash hit “Should I Stay Or Should I Go?” in reference to his impending phone call. More hits flowed on with “Let Love Be Your Energy” and “Rock DJ” particular highlights. The big stand out for me however, apart from the obvious sing-alongs like “Angels” and “She’s The One”, was “The Road To Mandalay”. It’s a song that’s easily forgotten in his extensive back catalogue but hearing it live with a full band it is near sole proof that Williams is much more than a former boy band member and pop star, the song and the performance could have come out of the archives of the likes of The Kinks no problem. And speaking of the previous two ballads mentioned, the crowd participation and emotion floating about for the likes of “Angels” and “She’s The One” is indescribable and really has to be experienced.

Williams has to be commended for his stage presence too, his banter throughout the gig was fantastic, especially when he spotted someone front of the crowd wearing a knock off t-shirt and proceeded to get two thrown to him from backstage which he promptly handed down to the lucky recipient! He knows better than most how to work a crowd, although I wouldn’t back down and insisted to Sarah she still needs to see Springsteen to see the master, but if that’s the only person ahead of you you’re doing well! I would genuinely have him up with the best of them when it comes to consummate entertainers. It’s even easy to believe his “You’re my favourite crowd/city/country etc. etc.” spiel, he does seemingly hold a legitimate love of Ireland close to him.

As for negatives, well, there really weren’t any. Maybe it would be slightly better to see him next year on the inevitable tour when he plays the Aviva or Croke Park when he’s not under so much pressure! That’s not to say that he wasn’t giving it one hundred per cent tonight however. He’s back make no mistake and here’s hoping now he can keep a grasp of his deserved title as one of the best value for money entertainers around today.

NOTE: This was a paperless ticket concert involving ticketholders bringing the card used to purchase the ticket with them and having it swiped upon entry, where a ticket was then printed. There’s arguments either side for this system but I can tell you, after this, it is a genuine option for the way forward in stopping touts from scamming people of their hard earned money.