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The Inbetweeners 2: Up, Down And Everything Inbetween


The last time we caught up with the lads, the fantastic foursome were all seemingly growing up and settling down into relationships, after an epic holiday in Crete to celebrate finishing their final year at school. The second film picks up nine months later and the happily ever after has been very much undone for The Inbetweeners.

None of the relationships lasted for the boys, apart from Simon who is still dating Lucy, although far from being the loveable innocent sweet girl he met on holiday Lucy has turned into the girlfriend from hell. Will has finally made it to University, which turns out to be somewhat different from the utopia he always expected it to be and he finds himself missing his mates. Neil is still the same happy go lucky Neil he has always been, except now he works in a respectable bank job. And then, of course, there is Jay… Continue reading

Irishman Unknowingly Smuggled Knife Through Two Airports

Brusletto Fishing Fillet Knife

A Kildare native has been left totally surprised after he unknowingly smuggled a large knife through security at Dublin Airport in his hand luggage on September 2nd.

The 21 year old from Celbridge, who has just returned from Crete, was also able to pass through the  security at Heraklion airport undetected with the Brusletto Fishing Fillet Knife.

The man, who did not wish to be identified, revealed that on the day before he left for Greece he had lent the bag to his brother to go fishing and that the knife actually belonged to his brother.

On the Tuesday after his arrival in Crete the man and his girlfriend rented a motorbike. It was only when driving on the motorbike that they stumbled across the knife, as the bag which he wore on his back ripped and the knife fell out onto the road.

The man then dumped the knife before returning to the airport on September 7th for his return flight home.

Speaking of his ordeal the man said “I really couldn’t believe the way things unfolded. It was quite bizarre. I am however relieved that I managed to get through with it as it would have ruined my holiday if I had of been caught. Even though it was unintentional I highly doubt the authorities would have believed my story.”

“Airport security seriously needs to be reviewed after this. I could have been anyone.”

This latest breach of security will come as a blow to the airport authorities, who are only getting over a European Union report which highlighted two major security issues last May.

The Dublin Airport Authority have declined to comment on the matter but are set to launch a full investigation into the matter.