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News In Brief – Irish Champion Slams Innocent Roma


Rob Heffernan, the gold medal winning walker from Cork may walk the walk, but he doesn’t tweet the tweet. A recent slip on the social networking site has taken the shine off his World Athletics Championship medal after, in reply to the case of Gardai removing two children from their Roma families on suspicion of abduction, he tweeted: “Unbelievably dirty scumbags. They should be shipped out”. Uh oh. Of course the Roma children were living with their biological parents and Heffernan apologised.

Further proof paying the property tax was a bad idea: their coming after you for next year’s cash this year. If you succumbed to political pressure and threats of fines (that NIB hasn’t heard to materialise) you’ll now pay for it again as the government wants its wages in advance. They’ve Christmas parties to pay for! Continue reading

Man Arrested Following Crumlin Fight


Gardai have arrested a man after a gun was seized during a fight in Dublin.

Uniformed Gardaí were investigating an incident involving criminal damage at Rutland Grove in Crumlin shortly before 1am when they saw an altercation between a number of men. Continue reading

Three Arrested Following €650,000 Drugs Heist In Dublin


Three men have been arrested after heroin worth €650,000 was seized by Gardai in Dublin yesterday evening.

The men were detained after they were searched on the Crumlin Road at approximately 6.30pm. A large quantity of drugs was recovered in a follow-up search in Rathcoole. Continue reading

Irish In Exile #9 : Jenny Fay

Jen and ArneJenny Fay seems to have tried her hand at almost everything in her 35 short years, but it was a three-year stay in Australia and New Zealand that provided her with a sense of direction for the first time.

“We were always busy,” she says of her time growing up in Crumlin, although that sounds like an understatement when she recalls gymnastics, ballroom dancing, running, life guarding, Aikido and performing as part of a local variety group as just some of the activities she was involved in.

Above all, dancing was always her main hobby.  “I’ve been dancing since I was three and I first stepped on stage when I was three.  Even when I wasn’t in formal dance classes I would have been part of Girls’ Brigade which you danced in.”  Continue reading

McGregor Puts Irish MMA On The Map With Devastating KO Debut


Irish fans had a new sporting achievement to celebrate last Saturday, as Crumlin native Conor McGregor took the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) world by storm. Making his debut in the UFC, the biggest MMA organisation in the world, McGregor became only the second Irish fighter ever to compete in the company, and the first to score a victory. The win was also a statement to the rest of the fighters in the featherweight division of the UFC, as McGregor needed only 67 seconds to KO his opponent Marcus Brimage. The 24 year old McGregor surprised many who claimed that he would struggle against the higher level of competition in the organisation. Despite being a highly touted prospect in MMA, McGregor would not be the first fighter who had dominated in a smaller organisation but then struggled when it came to performing on the big stage. Continue reading

Exiled Ireland Star Attends Benefit Night For Murdered IRA Leader

Exiled Ireland striker Anthony Stokes has been pictured at a memorial party for a murdered Real IRA boss.

The 24 year-old Celtic player, who is currently out injured was snapped at the Dublin benefit night in honour of Alan Ryan, who was killed in a street execution in September.

The pair are said to have known each other for years through Ryan’s association with the Players Lounge Bar in Fairview, a bar owned by Stokes’ dad, John, who was also at the party at The Submarine Bar in Crumlin.

The photograph, which was first published in The Irish Sun, shows Celtic striker Stokes posing with his arm draped around a woman in a gold dress.

The Players Brigade, a republican band of which Stokes’ brother Michael is a former member played and sold a tribute CD featuring a song called The Ballad of Alan Ryan at the event.

The song includes the lyrics: “We vow to carry on his work/ we will follow in his lead/ we will find out where those gangsters lurk/ we will avenge their cowardly deed.”

Gardaì in Dublin said leading republican dissidents from both sides of the border were present, including a number suspected of involvement in the recent murder of Northern Ireland prison officer David Black.

Ryan, 32, was the leader of the Dublin brigade of the Real IRA and is believed to have been responsible for a number of murders in recent years.

He has strong links to John Stokes (54) whose bar has been at the centre of violence and controversy in the past with three men, including a doorman, gunned down outside the bar in July 2010.

John was ordered to remove a 40ft banner barring the Queen from his pub during her visit to Ireland last year.

In August last year, the pub was gutted in a fire allegedly started by robbers.

Gangland enforcer Ryan was gunned down outside his home in Dublin in September.

His killer fired six shots from a Glock handgun, hitting Ryan in the chest before blasting him twice in the head.

On the day of his funeral in Dublin, former Sunderland and Hibernian star Stokes tweeted “Thinking of you Alan…”

Stokes, his agent and Celtic have declined to comment on his attendance at the party.

Paving the way to recovery? No, instead we’re re-paving Grafton Street

‘All men make mistakes, but only wise men learn from their mistakes’

So said Winston Churchill, and one can merely hope that we all learn from our mistakes. Yesterday’s revelations regarding the upgrade of Grafton Street would suggest otherwise.

Set the scene, Ireland 2012, a far cry from the Celtic Tiger era it once was, and now a debt ridden state, attempting to cope with a severe economic crisis, a single currency whose future remains uncertain, a banking sector on the brink of breakdown and few employment opportunities resulting in forced emigration. This is unfortunately a scene we are now all too familiar with.

Herein lies some hope; hope that our current government can right the wrongs of the government line up that went before them and repair our demolished economy. But oh, how hope can fade fast….

Yes, we have acknowledged that all men make mistakes (mistakes which we are now forced to pay dearly for courtesy of our previous government!), but surely, the current governments can learn from their mistakes. Not so. Revelations of a planned €4 million upgrade of the paving of Dublin’s Grafton Street due to start early next year would suggest otherwise. Seriously €4m on a pedestrianised street which is functioning fine and sees thousands walk it on a daily basis without complaint? Surely, we have better areas in which we can at this current time deploy such funds.

Pardon me for my ignorance, but how exactly are we to benefit from this upgrade?

Further information released yesterday depicted the new paving, alluding to the intent to use the same grey granite to that of Henry Street coupled with a dark grey way finding path along one side with sections in pink to highlight intersections and points of interest. How very glamorous!! (Please detect the sarcasm!)

Coincidently on the same day on which this information was released news surfaced that Our Lady’s Children’s  Hospital in Crumlin launched an €8m fundraising campaign to renovate the cancer and cardiac units, citing the urgent need to upgrade its old and cramped wards to enable children to be cared for in quality facilities. Dr. Orla Franklin, a consultant paediatric at the hospital said of the situation “Children are fighting aggressive cancers. These tough life struggles are happening in cramped and out of date facilities. This has to change”.

Surely such news pales in comparison to that of the supposed need for the repaving of Grafton Street?

Serious thought must be given to where it is our priorities lie as a nation. It angers me that the country would place prominence at a time like this, given the current economic crisis, on the upgrade of a shopping street – when the welfare of sick children is at stake. It infuriates me that Dublin City Council are injecting €4m into the design of ‘pink sections’ on Grafton Street, when in fact, few will notice such changes and upgrades as it is merely a street in which people walk on.

I urge the government and Dublin City Council to reconsider where it deploys it’s funds – as in a year’s time, I don’t want to walk down Grafton Street, gilt ridden, in the knowledge that I am walking on what could have been the upgrade to a vital service to our country, the health service, and to what could ultimately have saved the lives of children.

The Children’s Medical Research Foundation have pledged €4m to the children’s cancer ward and another €4m for a new cardiac facility and have made a direct appeal to Irish people to help them raise the €8m funding.

To Dublin City Council…. don’t let us spend next year and subsequent years trampling on €4m when instead it could be utilised for the greater good of the country. The paving on Grafton Street has stood the test of time since 1980, it has more time to give, but as the fundraising slogan for Our Lady’s Hospital Crumlin suggests the ‘Sick Children Are Out of Time’.

The future of the country lies with the children of today, not some glamorously paved shopping street. Please we’ve made enough mistakes in this country already…. it’s time we started learning from them.