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Culture Night Dublin: Why Not Venture Off The Beaten Track?


As tomorrow’s Culture Night (the eight one) comes rapidly nearer, I’m finding myself no nearer to deciding what to do on the biggest night of the Irish Cultural Calendar. My brochure has more squiggles than ticks in it (that translates as more possible items than definite ones). The great thing about Culture Night is that it gives you an opportunity to visit some places that you either might never have got around to seeing or that aren’t normally open to the public. The big venues will always attract visitors on these occasions; queues to enter Freemans’ Hall or Dublinia are usually horrendously long. Maybe this Culture Night you should give the main players a miss and branch off to one of the smaller galleries or cultural spaces. There’s a huge number of arts venues open, such as The Factory, New Art Studio or Tamp and Stitch to name but a few. Or you could choose to visit one of the more unusual venues open on this cultural evening such as Melt Apothecary Ltd where you may sample herbal teas and receive a Chinese pulse diagnosis. Continue reading

Make a date in your diary: Friday September 21st is Culture Night

It is that time of year again when Dubliners, not to mention the folks from Wexford, Cork, Wicklow, Belfast and many more places will take to streets for an evening of cultural activity. The culture fest has even spread to London and Belgium and may yet travel further since the lure of free cultural events is bound to liven up any self-respecting city.

I have been strolling through Dublin’s streets every Culture Night since it first began and I fully intend to be scouting out interesting cultural venues next Friday. The tricky task will be to prune all of the ticks in the brochure into a manageable handful for the evening. The lovely things about Culture Night is that venues that usually only open in the daytime are open and teeming with visitors until around 11pm. The amount of venues open in Dublin has risen to 154, which would be some culture crawl to manage in a night. Theoretically, you could pack quite a lot into the night but an iron discipline would be required.

Assuming that your ambitions are somewhat more modest than tackling all 154 options, why not grab a brochure or check out the website and plan your evening. To make it a little easier the organisers have divided Dublin into six sections, with the South Georgian Quarter being by far the largest. I have discovered over the years that the most logical plan is to stick to one quarter but it is very hard to keep to that resolve. If you do want to roam more widely, Dublin Bus will be again running complimentary ‘culture buses’ to link various venues (routes A, B and C). See the brochure or website for schedule.

As I have said, deciding what to see and do will probably prove difficult, so if you are feeling really indecisive you are best heading to one of the major cultural institutions. There, under one roof (for instance that of the National Gallery) hours of activity and entertainment will be guaranteed. The National Gallery will be putting on music and special tours as well as hosting family activities. I spent part of Culture Night here a couple of years ago soaking up the wonderful atmosphere (and enjoying a glass of wine) in the galleries. There is sure to be something on to please everyone on Friday, from art, to literature, to science, music and film. I am sure too, that the late night opening at the ‘Dead Zoo’ will be a popular choice for younger Culture Night-ers.

Culture Night brings a great atmosphere to the streets of Dublin and no doubt it will yet again see hundreds of people wandering around, guidebooks in hand. Bear in mind that you can often get more out of the experience if you go with the flow and drift where the fancy takes you. I will definitely be amongst the wanderers, so see you there!

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