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The Fifth Estate


‘The Fifth Estate’, based on two books by Daniel Domscheit-Berg and David Leigh, is the story of Julian Assange’s rise and of his somewhat peculiar working relationship with Berg, former spokesperson for WikiLeaks. Of course, included within, is a look into the global impact of WikiLeaks itself and all that governmental disapproval it’s since managed to amass.

Given the attention that’s surrounded Assange the last few years, a high profile film on the WikiLeak’s founder was always inevitable. For it, Bill Condon, famed for the likes of ‘Kinsey’ and dare I say, two of the Twilight movies, was given the reigns. His long time editor, Virginia Katz, keeps the cuts edgy and hurried straight from the opening scene. If only its plot structure and story could live up to all those impressively symbiotic technical aspects. Continue reading

Film Review : Rush


Fast cars, pretty girls and daring to do the impossible is what Formula One legends are made of.  And when you throw a hotheaded rivalry into the mix you get a biopic like director Ron Howard’s Rush.

In the seventies playboy James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) and calculating Niki Lauda (Daniel Brühl) drove the circuit, each daring the other to overtake, both desperate to win.  The only thing these two very different men have in common is the desire to excel and achieve greatness, willing to push themselves and each other to the limit and even beyond. Continue reading