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Cork Braced For Paddy’s Day Massacre

ccwCeltic Championship Wrestling returns on March 17th as the promotion gets ready to tear down St Vincent’s GAA Club with their Paddy’s Day Massacre pay per view.

CCW head back to Cork City following the success of their “Showdown in Bishopstown” and “Hostile Halloween” shows which endeared the new promotion to the public. Continue reading

The House Of Pain #3-Reality Bites

I know I haven’t put out a blog in the last couple of weeks I’ve been very busy with some personal stuff in my life and plus I’ve wrestled twice since my match for Irish Whip Wrestling in my hometown of East Wall on March 31st. I still can’t state how brilliant it was to wrestle in front of my hometown crowd, the atmosphere was electric and thankfully I managed to get the victory over Soultaker Salem. I also won a five man rumble on that card which capped off a great night.

Anyway there have been some people emailing this website basically saying that I haven’t a clue what I am doing and that I shouldn’t write a blog. These individuals also put that email up on Twitter for the world to see (Classy!!). The twat who tweeted that stated “You are now reading the most arrogant email ever sent”. Maybe that’s true but I did point out when I wrote my first blog that it was my first one and I had never written one before so it’s all trial and error and I’d like to thank Irish News Review for allowing me to write for their website.

I’d also like to thank the lads at and Joe Cabray for booking me on their show during the Easter holidays. All the lads who wrestled the show were brilliant. I was clearly not at my best during the match I had on the first night but I’d like to think that I somewhat redeemed myself on the second night, but anyway this is just a quick blog shorter than usual (I know) as I have some stuff to take care of, anyway until next time folks.


A Day In The Life Of A Pro Wrestler

10am: Wake up and get washed and dressed, respond to birthday and well wishes for the match on Facebook. (it’s my birthday today too!!)

11am: Have Breakfast and a cup of tea, chill out and listen to some music for a bit.

1pm: Reply to more Birthday/Well wishes from Facebook, Pack remaining gear for tonight’s match.

2pm: Last minute preparations before I leave the house for the venue which is in my hometown of East Wall.

2:30/3pm: Arrive at the venue do the round of handshakes that is customary in Wrestling circles, say hello to workers I know and introduce myself to workers I don’t know.

4pm: Find out what is happening on tonight’s show.

5pm: Last minute preparations, putting the match together and finalising the outcome etc.

6pm: Doors open at the venue.

6:30pm: Show kicks off. Waiting in anticipation of my first match in Dublin since last July when I competed with Dublin Championship Wrestling.

8:30pm: Show ends. My first ever wrestling match with Irish Whip Wrestling resulted in victory as I defeated Salem Soultaker with a spear.

9pm: It’s Party time for my birthday.


Danny “The Pain” Deans Homecoming Tops Latest IWW Card

Irish Whip Wrestling makes a welcomed return to Dublin next weekend with an action packed card featuring our very own columnist Danny “The Pain” Deans. 

The stars of IWW will square off next Saturday at the Sean O`Casey Community Centre in East Wall. Fans will be looking forward to seeing some of the organisations top stars including current Irish Whip Wrestling Heavyweight champion The Supermodel and Mandrake, the man he beat for the coveted title. 

But it is the return of East Wall`s very own Danny Deans that will have top billing on the night. While Danny`s opponent has yet to be revealed fans can rest assured he will be more than a match for them having stepped up the intensity of his training recently. The powerhouse has proven in the past that he is more than a match for any opponent on his day. 

Danny`s homecoming will see him take to the ring in Dublin for the first time since July of last year when he lost out in a triple threat match against The Ballymun Bruiser and The Irish Dragon, who retained his Dublin Championship Wrestling title.

 The House of Pain columnist is looking forward to returning home, “To come back to the Sean O’Casey community centre is homecoming for me because it’s where I get an opportunity to wrestle in front of a packed house of my family, friends and neighbours who are all showing their support by chanting my name. It’s an experience and an adrenaline rush I’ll never forget”. 

Will Danny be able to reign supreme in his own back garden? Tickets are on sale now at €10 each with a family concession available for €35. Tickets are available from the venue and a limited supply will be available at the door. Alternatively you can visit IWW on Facebook or ring  01 850 9000 for ticket information. The card gets under way from 6.30 pm.

The House Of Pain

I sit here at the end of my Bank Holiday weekend just chilling out before I have to go back to the cold harsh reality of my FÁS course tomorrow morning, when a memory popped into my head of some of the bullshit that does go on in this business.

See you get some people who get ideas into their heads that they are superstars when in natural fact there just like any normal Tom, Dick or Harry who wrestled in front of a couple of hundred people. Unless Vince McMahon says your a superstar (and that includes me too in that statement) then sit down. Now I’m not shooting on anyone in particular I’m just saying what I have come across in this business since i started out.

 Anyway onto something else there’s this thing about politics in wrestling now. If memory serves me correct isn’t that done in the bigger promotions in the states, like the former WCW back in the day or the current TNA and WWE. It is in these places where there is millions of dollars to be made so the workers jockey for position to get into the top money making spots by playing the politician, and with it being a cut throat business it’s in a way acceptable because there’s top dollar to be made. Now politics in Irish Wrestling I could never get my head around for the simple reason of there is FECK ALL MONEY TO BE MADE IN IRISH WRESTLING. I’m not saying we work for free but we just earn enough to cover costs like travel, food etc, but most of all there’s a vast majority of us who wrestle because it’s our passion in life and it’s what we love to do and I’d like to think that it shows when were out in that ring firing on all cylinders and tearing the house down.

Before I wrap this up I just wanna say one last thing and it’s that we should all leave all the political BS at the door and do what’s right for everyone in this business. Just go out there and wrestle and put on the best damn show imaginable and send the people home happy because at the end of the day were never gonna get rich wrestling in ireland unless it became mainstream and if the big TV stations jumped on board (I’ll hold that for another column) . Then we can all take a leaf out of Charlie Haughey or Bertie Ahern’s book and play politician.

The House of Pain

The Highs And Lows Of Wrestling

This is my first ever blog so be gentle folks haha, I`ve been wracking my brain for the last while about what exactly to write in this blog when I got some inspiration from an unlikely source. See during my time in Wrestling I have experienced some soaring highs and earth crashing lows.

 Let me tell you when you walk out from that curtain in front of a hometown crowd and the adrenaline is pumping and you get those goosebumps and you can feel the electricity in the air it feels SO….DAMN….GOOD. But there goes the age old saying that what goes up must come down and down and down, now don’t get me wrong I don’t get depressed like i don’t want to string myself up(suicide is a terrible thing more on that soon) it’s not like that it’s more of a reality check to let me know that there is a real world out there with real problems and most important of all real people. Now you say to yourself “What in the name of jaysus does that have to do with Irish Wrestling?” to which i say “It has a lot to do with Irish Wrestling because that’s exactly what it is it’s Wrestling and no matter what part of the world it is each and every wrestler whether he’s American, Canadian, Japanese, Irish, Spanish, Scottish, Portuguese or English they all feel what I feel when there out there in that ring entertaining people and giving them there money’s worth and having them go home happy that’s our job done”. But when all the dust has settled and when all the smoke has cleared and the adrenaline buzz wears off that’s when the real battle begins now some people like to have a couple of beers after a show, I know I do but some people like the high a little too much and can’t let it go so they take something to prolong it, now i’m not saying that it’s a problem in Irish wrestling not at all i am talking about the wrestling lifestyle itself in general, Now before you ask I am not on some self righteous crusade to rid wrestling of the demons that prey on weak minded people completely opposite, I am merely making an observation and giving my opinion on the subject.

Anyway just to wrap things up my final thought would be to any wrestlers out there, in a world where the outcomes of our matches are predetermined and the violence is “worked” we should all keep one foot in the real world because at the end of the day we are not supermen we are real people with real problems and real feelings who sometimes get caught up in this weird and wacky world we call Professional Wrestling.