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Media Ignorance Highlights Flaws In Irish Society

Have you ever heard the story about a country that was declared bankrupt and abolished all the debt incurred by mortgage holders so as to liberate their people from economic slavery? Chances are if you live in Ireland you haven’t heard this story because the powers that be have tried to stop this story from making the headlines.

Iceland is a country which has been saddled with debt in recent years leading to many banks going to the wall, their financial system going into meltdown and their people suffering the burden of debt. Yet the effects of successful protest are apparent for all to see as the government have bowed to pressure inflicted by the 300,000 strong population, who took to the streets, demanding that something be done about the debts incurred by buying houses at what turned out to be hugely inflated prices. A property bubble, where have I heard that one before.

Contrast the success of such protests with that of the protests held in Ireland and the results are strikingly different. The Icelandic government initiates a scheme whereby they have written down the debt of the population which seemingly has spurred economic recovery. Meanwhile the Irish government is quick to brand over one million of their population as law breaking criminals for not paying a ludicrous household charge. I assure you that every household in Ireland has already paid well over the odds for such a charge unknowingly. Stamp duty is in its essence a household charge.

There are no signs that the household charge will disappear and the Irish government maintain that those law breakers will be punished accordingly. As for those who have paid, they can look forward to shelling out a greater fee next year.

But you may ask yourself how come you never seen this story about the Icelandic debt burden been lifted on national television. The answer is simple. Take a look behind the well documented politics of RTE. The words semi state and public service broadcaster spring to mind. A public service entails providing the people with news, the very people who keep the station running by paying their TV license. RTE has failed and failed miserably. The political hierarchy within the organisation is quite clearly subscribing to the current government’s policies and initiatives and refuses to show anything that will suggest otherwise.

The Icelandic people have been liberated; the Irish remain enslaved, enslaved to a government of hardnosed, egotistical and socially inept politicians.