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News In Brief: Kimye Land As Gilmore Takes Off

Kimye indulge in a bit of shopping on Grafton Street (Image:

Kimye indulge in a bit of shopping on Grafton Street (Image:


First they were here, then they were gone. The nation mourns the departure of ‘Kimye’, newlyweds Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, as much as we’re mourning the resignation of Eamon Gilmore as Labour Leader. NIB will let you come to your own conclusions about how much that is.

It’s true Joan’s going for the leadership role now. Great news all round. Entertainment channel E! in America were quick to jump on the bandwagon asking if she really had been spotted leaving a cinema in Portlaoise? Turns out it wasn’t her but ‘Kimye’. In case you missed it this is of course making reference to the world media being fooled by photo-shopped images of the famous couple and tweets suggesting they were just after getting themselves some breakfast rolls. Unfortunately the news about Joan isn’t a joke. Sure it may as well be her as anyone else for all the difference it’ll make. Continue reading

Delay In Welfare Payments To Affect 32,700

Some Social Welfare payments will be delayed by one day this week due to a technical error, the Department of Social Protection has said.

The Department said around 32,700 people who would normally receive a payment into their bank account today will not receive their payment until tomorrow morning. The issue affects payments made by Electronic Funds Transfer and is due to a one-off processing issue, the Department said. Continue reading

Independent Evaluation Reveals JobBridge Flaws

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An independent evaluation carried out on Ireland’s national internship scheme, JobBridge, has found that three in five people who undertake internships through the scheme have found employment afterwards. The evaluation, which was carried out by Indecon Economic Consultants shows that 61 per cent of interns moved on to paid employment following completion of their internship.

The Government has consistently placed their full support and backing behind the scheme. Speaking on the findings of the report, Taoiseach Enda Kenny said: “The Government has an ambitious plan to modernise and improve our work activation services as part of our Pathways to Work strategy. JobBridge was a key early scheme to help deliver on this agenda. It is now clear that JobBridge is delivering for thousands of jobseekers by providing them with valuable opportunities to gain relevant work experience, knowledge and skills in a workplace environment. The fact that three in five interns gain employment following the scheme is a testament to the potential that exists in providing new work activation services to jobseekers and employers.”

Continue reading

News in Brief-James Reilly Teams Up With 50 Cent For A Double Dose of Controversy

James Reilly Knows He’s Been A Bold Boy

THERE’S NO COKE!! Coca-cola that is, not the other stuff, sure they found plenty of that in Dublin the other week. No, there’s none of the fizzy brown stuff we all know and love. A flood in the production plant in Co. Antrim at the beginning of this week threatened to leave the whole country facing a drought. Before you rush your petrol cans down to your local Supervalu, stocks were set to be replenished mid-week just in time for Friday’s vodka HURRAH!

       Bono and wife Ali Hewson gave their youngest daughter Eve the gift of music for her twenty-first. Actually a recording of the two parents singing Lady Gaga’s Telephone. Not exactly much of a stretch for the U2 frontman perhaps he didn’t have time to get to the shops. Anyway, what twenty-one year old wouldn’t want a cd of their dad singing?
      All of them.
      The glass screens that separate the proles (me included) from the workers of our social welfare departments are to be removed despite the fears of said workers. The Department of Social Protection hopes to “frame” the relationship between it’s employees and clients but many workers fear they will now have to look at welfare recipients, sorry, fear for their safety. They have, by way of appeasement, been given panic buttons and CCTV is case the rabble should get too riotous, the dirty beggars.
       What do Health Minister James Reilly and rapper 50 Cent have in common? Not a lot but they’ve both made boo boos this week.
       50 ’Fiddy’ Cent has had to cancel a planned appearance at Carphone Warehouse in Dundrum Town Centre after making an ill-judged comment on Twitter. This was not taken well by some young fans who made full use of the Dundrum Town Centre Facebook page to vent their frustrations.
        Minister Reilly on the other hand has been making mistakes of a monetary nature. It turns out while James Reilly may be overseeing the closure of some nursing home beds he actually has his own money invested in some others. By invested I mean he owes €1.9 million.
It seems my own little home-made it into the nationals this week after the cancellation of Wexford’s biggest agricultural show. The Irish Independent ran a story featuring one of our local priests, Bishop Brennan who is asking all parishioners to pray for an improvement in the weather. I don’t believe in all that, but I do live in Rathangan and at this point anything is worth a go, so, dear Lord if you could stop the rain soon that would be great. Thanks.

Irish Rail Offers Apology to Same Sex Couple

Iarnròd Èireann have issued an apology to a same sex couple after the railway operator questioned the validity of their pass last weekend. 

The couple, Noel Dolan and his partner Juan Carlos Camacho Suarez, were refused entry to a Dublin to Cork train at Heuston station last Sunday. 

Dolan had been provided with a travel pass by the Department of Social Protection which would cover both himself and his partner on a return trip to the capital. 

The couple had travelled to Dublin in order to attend the Noise March for Marriage Equality but were informed by a staff member at Heuston that their pass was invalid and they would be unable to board the train . 

The couple claim they were told that Irish Rail does not recognise same sex marriage. After requesting to speak to a supervisor the couple were further enraged that the issue was not resolved. 

Dolan and Suarez made the journey home by buying a regular ticket. 

Iarnròd Èireann has since apologised for the incident, stating it has “no policy in relation to free travel for those in same sex or any other types of marriage.”