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News in Brief-Focus On Referendum As Salpa Gets The Sack

A mass pulping of the children’s rights referendum Bill has been ordered after 30,000 copies were issued to post offices around the country with a monumental typo.

Ironically the mistake suggested an amendment to article 40 of the constitution which protects the right to life, panicking pro-life campaigners in the abortion argument. The mistake has been blamed on the printing company that produced the copies by the Department of the Environment who have assured voters it will also be the printers footing the bill for the new Bill. Fancy the government being over eager on the admin? That doesn’t sound like them. Well, actually . . .

They’re really cracking down on those that haven’t paid the Household Charge even sending reminder letters to the deceased. Apparently tens of thousands of the letters were sent, including to those who had already paid, children and individual family members living at the same address. One wonders if the combined cost of ink, printing, postage and staff could not have been better spent. Say on street lights and road repairs?

Speciality chicken restaurant Nando’s announced it will be creating 100 new jobs with two new branches opening in Dublin. On the same afternoon Co-operative Poultry Products in Cavan announced it would be closing down forcing unemployment on 90 staff. Coincidence? Yes.

Ireland is now one of the top five places in the world to be, if you’re a woman. According to a new index system introduced by the World Economic Forum in 2006 education levels are higher and more Irish woman also favour technical careers marking us above Britain, France and the US at successfully bridging the gender gap. Despite this though Irish women still earn a reported 75% of Irish men.
Georgia Salpa earns an alleged €2000 a day. Or did. The model, who has made a name for herself in print and on Celebrity Big Brother, has reportedly failed to turn up for work on a number of occasions leading to model agent Andrea Roche letting her go. Don’t expect Georgia to be putting the socialite into social welfare though, apparently her own reality TV show is in the pipeline.