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News in Brief-Uglier Than Jedward? New Set Of Twins Get The World Talking

#Twinning : The Second Coming Of The Mona Lisa

Enda Kenny has come under fire this week (what else is new) for “manipulating” his phone during an address from the Pope. A video uploaded to YouTube clearly shows the Taoiseach using his touch-screen phone during a papal audience at Castel Gandolfo in a shocking display of bad manners. Or maybe he was just trying to get through to the big man upstairs. That’s not all Enda has been up to this week.

Despite the rain the ploughing championshisp went down well in Wexford. The Rugby team made an appearance as did Ryan  Tubridy. And of course, the Taoiseach took time out to meet, greet and high-five some kids proving he is a man of the people. One man, in a field of people actually. Back in Dublin James Reilly ploughed on with his corruption.
Ah Minister Reilly. In recent weeks he’s been mentioned more than our favourite twins (who have been notably absent for a while*). There are another set of twins in the news though.

The Mona Lisa has a sister! An earlier version of da Vinci’s Mona Lisa has been unveiled meaning there are now two, almost identical paintings, depicting the is she/isn’t she smile. The new, older painting known as the Isleworth Mona Lisa is said to be a younger version of the famous face painted years previous.

Joe Mullins, a forensic specialist trained at the FBI, described how he had “age-regressed” the original Mona Lisa to determine what she would have looked like 11 to 12 years earlier in what can only be described as a CSI-like operation.
Joe, who describes himself as a “digital plastic surgeon”, gave the painting “a digital facelift and Botox” but still couldn’t turn that frown upside down. Oxford University art historian Martin Kemp (not of Spandau Ballet, shame) however, quashed the claims saying; “The head, like all other copies, does not capture the profound elusiveness of the original”. Or, fed up, to everyone else.

Rory McIlroy is selling his County Down estate – sorry if I don’t start weeping. The young golfer, currently in Chicago for the Ryder Cup tee off is selling up and shipping out of his £2 million mansion. According to reports the world number one, who incidentally is worth many millions in advertising alone, is looking at a move to Florida after deciding it doesn’t make “financial sense” to own a large home in Ireland.

What doesn’t make financial sense is the €1 million still outstanding from over payments to new teachers in 2011. 3000 teachers are yet to re-pay the governments unwitting bonus, presumably maths or economics aren’t their subjects.
Did you raise a glass to Arthur on Thursday or instead of a pint of the black stuff did you wish Diageo would get stuffed? While some legitimately questioned – given contemporary problems of society – how appropriate a day to celebrate alcohol was, frontman of The Walls, Steve Wall put it more bluntly and in slightly more colourful language. Writing on his Facebook page Walls said: “If anyone says Happy Arthur’s Day to me I’ll f***ing skull them.”

*If anyone sees our little Jedwards let me know.

Minister Disappointed After Plans For Children`s Hospital Rejected

The Minister for Health has expressed his disappointment after An Bord Pleanála turned down planning permission for the proposed National Children’s Hospital in Dublin.

Dr James Reilly said the decision, which was reached after a majority verdict of three to one, will delay the provision of the best health services for children at a time when they need it most.

Reilly said the Government remains committed to the project and will study the decision urgently. He mentioned the possibility of a legal challenge from the government but accepted it is too early to think of such action.

Construction of the €650m hospital was due to be completed by 2016 and it would have been the biggest building project in the State.

An Bord Pleanála said the development would result in “a dominant, visually incongruous structure and would have a profound negative impact on the appearance and visual amenity of the city skyline”.

The board said the development would be inconsistent with and adversely affect the existing scale and character of the historic city.

Kenny Confirms No Show For Leadership Debate

Enda Kenny has said that his schedule means he cannot take part in TV3’s proposed three way leadership debate on Tuesday.

The Fine Gael leader was responding to questions about the debate and the station’s offer to replace Vincent Browne as moderator.

Mr Kenny said he had an issue with Mr Browne over his comments on suicide but his schedule on Tuesday meant he could not participate.

However the station had told the Fine Gael leader that they would gladly replace Browne with political correspondent  Ursula Halligan in order to get him onto the show.

Kenny`s stance in the past few weeks has been strange as he has gladly stepped out of the spotlight allowing Dr James Reilly and Michael Noonan to do most of the talking.

Kenny`s Fine Gael party are widely expected to form the next government, be it on their own or in a coalition with Labour. However Kenny`s decision not to take part in the leadership debate may come back to haunt him and his party.