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The Goggle Box – Saul Slows Down As The Walking Dead Goes Gruesome


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Full spoilers below for Better Call Saul and The Walking Dead

Better Call Saul S01E07 – “Bingo”

It can’t be said that BCS has stuttered with this week’s seventh episode but it is more than accurate to say that this was the quiet beginnings of the path to Saul. Jimmy was so close, ready to move out of the salon and into a swanky office of his own, which he was hoping wouldn’t hurt his chances with Kim too of course. This is likely the last time we will see Jimmy get this close to real, legit success and it was handled in a surprisingly tragic manner. With Jimmy’s quiet moment in the final scene of the episode we saw a similar “lowest ebb” from him as we did from Mike last week. With both characters reaching their lowest, may we get nothing but climbs from now on? Climbs that find them both settle comfortably in the middle tier of course.

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The Goggle Box – House Of Cards Splits The Deck


House Of Cards Season 3 has been and gone and opinions are divided at best. Was the third season of a binge watch TV series ever going to go down a treat? Probably not. Are we all fools to have plowed through all 13 episodes in no time at all? Probably, yes. But the burning question, was it any good? Yes; and here’s why.

Lads, seriously, full spoilers for House Of Cards follow.

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The Goggle Box – Better Call Saul Continues Strong


Full spoilers for Better Call Saul and The Walking Dead below.

Better Call Saul S01E03 – “Nacho”

In only 3 episodes Better Call Saul has completely set itself out on its own while simultaneously containing the same highly intelligent writing and humour that made Breaking Bad such a great show. It is telling that after this week I may even be ready to stop referencing BB within the first paragraph of these reviews, such is the strength of BCS on its own.

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The Goggle Box – Did Better Call Saul Deliver?


Full spoilers for Better Call Saul and The Walking Dead below

Some said it was a bad move, I could never decide fully which side of the fence I sat on to be honest, but Vince Gilligan and AMC decided they would press ahead with a Breaking Bad spin off featuring the superb series’ loveable(?) sleazeball Saul Goodman as the lead. Better Call Saul takes place 6 years before the events of Breaking Bad and chronicles Saul’s rise from back when he was just lowly public defence attorney Jimmy McGill to the – ahem – lofty heights of law when he becomes Saul Goodman. Oh, and it’s really really good.

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Take Shelter

Take Shelter

Take Shelter

Take Shelter revolves around a family man who suddenly begins having very vivid dreams about a storm that has a strange effect on those around him.

It stars Michael Shannon, although not too well-known to many now unless you follow Boardwalk Empire, his stock has risen since being cast as General Zod in the upcoming Superman movie due for release in 2013. He plays Curtis LaForche a quiet family man who works on site for an oil drilling firm and is married to Samantha (Jessica Chastain) who have a deaf daughter.

Curtis begins to get troubled by these dreams or visions and the extreme vivid nature of them carries over to his daily life leaving him disturbed and worried by what he had dreamt. He begins to change things in his life as a reaction to these dreams. He starts working on an old storm shelter out in his back garden and ostracising himself from those that appeared in his dreams. His unusual behaviour doesn’t go unnoticed, culminating in conflicts between Curtis and his employers, co-workers, friends, the local community and his wife.

The film is shot at a slow pace which gives time to both weigh up and question all that Curtis sees and does. It throws a few twists and turns at us, especially when we discover the history of Curtis’s mother.  The film also operates essentially without a soundtrack over it which really adds to the heaviness and tension of some scenes and also the realism, giving it a more raw feel. Between all this and the slightly duller feel to the lighting it adds to the feeling of dread and in fact does almost feel like there is a large black cloud hanging over the entire film.

Shannon is excellent in this. The supporting cast are good, especially Chastain but the film is  about Shannon and he delivers.

Shannon is thoroughly believable as the happy old school, southern, family man. His character is quiet but has a good strong presence which lends real power to the scenes where his character becomes more emotional. He is astounding as this essentially good man driven to the brink of insanity, portraying a real sense of quiet desperation.

This film is definitely worth seeing. It’s easily one of the best dramas of the year so far. It’s tense, gripping, simple and psychological. See this.

Score: 4/5