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News In Brief: Varadkar Says Cups Are Ok As Dempsey Springs To The Rescue

Don't be a mug while your driving! (image:

Don’t be a mug while your driving! (image:

Musician Damien Dempsey has cemented his place in Wexford’s own Rock ’n’ Roll Hall of fame after rescuing two ailing swimmers in the River Slaney, before drying himself off and carrying on to his scheduled gig. What a man. He didn’t even mention it afterwards. According to reports he swam him, towed the swimmers back to safety, got out, picked up his shoes and walked off into the sunset. Honest to God. Dempsey for president!

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News in Brief – Hacked Off Brendan Drops A Howler


‘Has there been bugging? What’s bugging? Am I a bug?’ Minister Brendan Howlin asked assembled journalists in relation to Garda Ombudsman ’eaves-dropping’ to put it nicely, or phone-hacking. It seems Brendan was at a loss as to what exactly had happened inside the offices of the Garda Ombudsman or where in fact he was.

Where are you? Abroad? Australia or Canada, the promised lands? Well if ye are, ye need to learn to speak proper. According to RTE journalist and voice of the Luas (!) Doireann Ni Bhriain mispronouncing certain words could get you in trouble, when trying to settle abroad. Instead of tay you must say tea, three instead of tree and diddly-ie diddly-ie diddly-ie dee ever time you enter a room, just so everyone knows where you’re from. Continue reading

News in Brief-Brooks Mania Grows As BBC Makes Unfortunate Error


NIB has been away swimming through Cork (you may have seen us on the news), hope no one was too distraught, anyway we’re back now, stop crying.

Seems while we were gone the Neknomination craze took off with dire consequences. The latest story following the Facebook phenomenon has seen an Irish girl in Australia swallow a goldfish in her “neknominated” pint. NIB hoped it was the classic carved carrot joke but sadly not. The girl, a trainee solicitor no less, from Newry has since received death threats and online abuse, to which she replied, celebs do it on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here (How did she get through the entry exams?) and, you know, she get’s it yeah? Writing on her Twitter “feel depressed.” To what extent can humans become more ridiculous? Continue reading

News in Brief-Ireland Goes Blaa Blaa As Michael D Set To Visit Lizzy


Blaa, Blaa, Blaa, only in Waterford! That’s right, the floury nap has been given protected status so that the name Blaa can only be applied if the bread is made in the South East. They join Champagne, Cornish Pasties and Feta Cheese after a group of Waterford bakers united to prevent imitators.

A nun has had her claim for damages of €38,000 after a car accident quashed as the judge ruled the accident never happened. Sister Helen Ugbome, of the Nigeria-based Holy Family Sisters told the court she was hit in the rear of her vehicle by Edel Macklin from Glasnevin, while stopped at traffic lights. However Ms Macklin disputed the claims saying, she was stopped behind Sr Ugbome when she got out of her car, told Macklin she’d hit her and got her insurance details. The judge however wasn’t having it and suggested Sr Ugbome was in fact trying to claim an estimate of insurance after an accident a month previous. God giveth and God does taketh away. Continue reading

News In Brief – Asda Causes A Fuss As More Anglo Cash Uncovered


Another week, another excuse to hit the bottle. Did you raise a glass to Arthur yesterday? If so well done, you are part of the marketing machine that will keep our country attached to the teet of the booze business. Still, nice bit of Guinness though.

That was a rather bitter start (get it? Guinness, bitter?) . NIB will promise to be more positive from now on, once recovered from yesterday’s hangover.

Bono’s had enough of people going on at him for not paying tax in Ireland. Poor Bono. If there’s a spare ticket on Bob Geldof’s spaceship he might want to consider snapping it up, NIB understands tax rates on the moon are non-existent and the views rival Dalkey. On a side note have you seen the picture of Geldof in his suit? Holy mother of Bob. Continue reading

News in Brief – Shocking Pictures Emerge As Lovely Cows Competition Takes Centre Stage


We’ve all seen the shocking pictures posted online in the last week, of Simon Cowell with his shirt undone. At the London premiere of the new blockbuster, One Direction’s film – in which they learn the hand L trick to tell left and right – Simon certainly showed us more than we needed to see, much like the now eponymous “Slane pics”.

In fact, unbeknownst to the popular press, all eyes were on the Lovely Cows this week, no that’s not a typo. The Lovely Cows competition in Cavan is by far superior to The Rose of Tralee, judging, as it does, the loveliest of cows. How do you judge a lovely cow? NIB hears you ask, on “dairyness” and “femininity”. And there’s you thinking it was just about their pretty faces. Oh no. They’re talented bovines, reciting Irish poems and performing traditional dance, it’s a wonder it isn’t televised. Continue reading

The Seven Cookbooks Of Christmas

Cookbooks make great Christmas presents and stocking fillers, they are bright and have the most beautiful pictures that could send even the most kitchen-fearing member of your family running for the flour and eggs! However, often there are so many cookbooks in a bookshop that, unless you are a foodie at heart, you can be left feeling overwhelmed and perhaps grab the nearest you see, which could lead to disappointment on the present receiver’s part! My guide to cookbooks is based around the notion that Irish cookbooks are the best to buy, not only because in Ireland today it is essential to buy local and buy Irish but also you eliminate the risk of lack of produce that may be widely available in Britain or Europe but have not quite reached our shores yet. Often Irish cookbooks will tell you which fruits and veg are in season and when which is very helpful as you are using a recipe in which you know the ingredients will be fresh, in season and readily available! Have a look at some of the cookbooks below and you will see there is one for everybody in your family! And remember, always buy local and buy Irish!

For the Sweet-Tooth

Rachel Allen of Ballymaloe has become a welcome and permanent fixture on our bookshelves. Her recipes are simple, well-informed and easy to follow.“Cake” is absolutely no exception. The photos in the book are bright and beautiful, a welcome addition to any home cook’s bookshelf!  Buy this for the sweet-tooth in your life and you could be receiving baked goods for life, result!


For Granny 

I know exactly what you are thinking; my granny would never give up her own recipes to follow anybody else’s but this book, written by the Countrywomen’s Association contains all things traditional and loving that even the most precise and pernickety or grandmother’s will appreciate!


For the Italian Foodie

I’m not sure about you but I absolutely love seeing Catherine Fulvio on her tv show; she is bright, bubbly, smiley and her recipes are easy to follow whilst her authentic Italian creations are greatly inspired by the Irish landscape and produce around her in the beautiful Ballyknocken. This cookbook won’t disappoint and has lots of simple, delicious and hearty Italian recipes for you to try at home!


For Dad

Men love hearty and wholesome food, yes,I hear you, they also love to eat apple pie, but only those of you lucky to own one of those men will rarely see them faffing around with pastry. This book, “Surf’n’Turf” by Shanahan and Flynn will engage the male cook through its hearty and fulfilling recipes. There is even a pint of Guinness on the front cover, if that doesn’t make them turn the page, nothing will so just stick with the socks for Christmas!


For the Vegetarian

Café Paradiso is one of the most beautiful and amazing restaurants in Cork city. The things that thechefs can do with vegetarian food is truly a treat and this cookbook means you open up the world of awe-inspiring vegetarian cooking in Café Paradiso to the veggie in your life who is sick of the same old veggie risotto! This book is haute-cuisine vegetarian at its very best.


For your Brother

Donal Skehan has had a successful year, starring in both his own RTÉ show and on Junior Masterchef. Having come to attnetion through his cooking blog and offered a book deal and subsequently approached by RTÉ it is safe to say this boy is going places. However, one look at his simple, easy to follow and delicious looking recipes leave no question as to why he has come so far and will continue to do so!


For the Yummy-Mummy

Sheila Kiely’s book “Gimme the Recipe” is designed for busy schedules and a hectic lifestyle. They are tried and tested by herself (a mother to six children!). If anybody knows how important it is to feed your family nutritious, healthy food under time and work constraints, it’s Sheila! So, for the busy working mother in your life why not get this! The colourful, clear and bright pictures add a beautiful touch to a very popular cookbook.