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News In Brief: Varadkar Says Cups Are Ok As Dempsey Springs To The Rescue

Don't be a mug while your driving! (image:

Don’t be a mug while your driving! (image:

Musician Damien Dempsey has cemented his place in Wexford’s own Rock ’n’ Roll Hall of fame after rescuing two ailing swimmers in the River Slaney, before drying himself off and carrying on to his scheduled gig. What a man. He didn’t even mention it afterwards. According to reports he swam him, towed the swimmers back to safety, got out, picked up his shoes and walked off into the sunset. Honest to God. Dempsey for president!

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Campaign Launched To Combat Driver Fatigue

TiredDriverNew survey findings released by the Road Safety Authority show that almost two thirds of drivers (60%) attempt to fight tiredness while driving through ineffective means such as opening windows, singing or talking to themselves and turning on the radio.

The findings come as the RSA, An Garda Síochána and Applegreen launched a campaign this Bank Holiday weekend aimed at highlighting the dangers of driver fatigue. On Friday 2nd August Applegreen will provide free cups of coffee to drivers between 2pm and 8pm at 17 participating service stations around the country.  Continue reading

Bentley SUV Confirmed For 2016


In news which will excite and confuse many and have a select few reaching for their wallets, Bentley Motors has announced that it is indeed proceeding with the development of the Bentley SUV, which should look something like the EXP 9F shown at the Geneva auto show last year (not the greatest part of this news). No that wasn’t a typo, those two words are actually going together. Bentley. SUV. Seriously.

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The Great Book Mound Of China

wallThey say you can see the Great Wall of China from the moon, it’s one of those myths that is continually perpetuated and which overshadows an actual fact-you can see all the travel books and articles detailing China from the moon! Seriously if ever there was an oversaturated market in need of de-cluttering then this is it. This, however, is not an article preening with historical goodies or political commentary and it is certainly not intended to add to the already stupendous pile of encyclopaedia like travel guides on China. Rather this is a short list of unusual, everyday things that you can expect to find when you visit China and yet somehow, regardless of the volume of guide books that you consume, they are things which you are never really told to expect! They are extraordinarily varied and not altogether pleasant but at least you will have more of an idea of what to expect, saving you valuable time which you would otherwise have spent picking your jaw off the pavement. Continue reading

News in Brief- Corrupt Ming Wins Gold Cup

MINGThe property tax website doesn’t even warrant NIB’s derision. For feck’s sake lads. The government really backed a loser there. Incapable of hurdling over the minor issue that 50% of the website didn’t work. There’s been lots of winners this Cheltenham race week though, not just Willie Mullins.

Obviously we were all waiting with breath that was bated on Tuesday for Ming’s speech from the Dail on the possibility of An Garda Siochana and a council official removing points incurred by him for driving offences. Currently the law allows members of the Oireachtas to avoid driving penalties if on “official business” meaning Ming hasn’t technically done anything wrong other than be a complete hypocrite and winning the Gold Cup for being as corrupt as those he has previously accused. But sure he’s a politician. Continue reading

News in Brief-Sex On The Beach In Donegal As Fallen Popstar Keating Charges €368 For Meet And Greet

showbiz_ronan_keatingAs if the health service didn’t have it tough enough now University Hospital Galway has fleas! A number of staff have been bitten by the infiltrating pests which hospital management assured had not affected patients. However fleas will be the least of the HSE’s problems with a new report highlighting the rise in life expectancy of the population. We may be living longer but we are apparently spending more of our lives sick or injured. Or soon, at work.

Minister of State for Older People Kathleen Lynch has suggested the Government will raise the age of retirement as part of their “positive ageing” strategy. News in Brief isn’t sure it’s to positive, fancy working at Maccy D’s into your seventies?

The pope is one pensioner still going. This week he has even started tweeting. Yes, Pope Benedict XIV is on Twitter, really. Providing us with 140 character insights into his day in Vatican City and so far gaining a million followers. Sure wouldn’t the good lord himself have recognised the growing importance of social media for brand image. If you fancy a follow he’s @Pontifex .

Bundoran in Donegal has always been popular with tourists because of its stretch of beautiful beaches. It seems however there are a new type of visitor to the coast line, an Easter European gang selling the services of prostitutes. Guards were alerted after a number of men were given calling cards by women offering a range of services. Gives a whole new meaning to sex on the beach.

Crap news in Galway where City Council officials had their fleet of eight bin trucks repossessed. The trucks were on loan from Holden Plant Hire in Kilkenny but their lease expired last September. Despite repeated warnings from Holden the vehicles were not returned. Fine Gael councillor Padraig Connelly described the incident as “incompetence on top of incompetence”, News in Brief calls it rubbish.

In celeb news it’s Ronan’s all round. Ronan O’Gara was a named as one of a plethora of high-profile people who conveniently had driving penalty points “disappeared” by the gardai. It’s alright though Justice Minister Alan Shatter said, he was one of less than 300 similar incidents.

The other Ronan, Keating that is, is charging fans €368 to meet him after some of his concerts. Obviously recession means nothing to Ronan despite his last album Fires not sparking much interest selling only 181 copies in the first few days though. He’s one up with a plan to post ticket sales though, he will be accompanied on tour by everyone’s favourite Westlife botherer Brian McFadden! That would be €368 well spent, on anything else.

We’ve struck gold down here in Wexford! A Dublin based mineral exploration firm has found a stash that could be worth millions. The location however has not been disclosed. You’ll understand if you don’t hear from News in Brief for a while I’m just going outside . . .

Taking a Leaf From Our Neighbour’s Road Law Book

carUK Transport Minister Patrick McLoughlin has announced he is considering a proposal to restrict newly qualified drivers from carrying any non-family member passengers. The new proposals are a response to the Association of British Insurers which is arguing that a disproportionate number of serious road accidents involve younger drivers.

The reasoning behind such a move is clear; younger drivers with little experience, more often than not male, are tempted to show off behind the wheel, particularly if a girlfriend or fellow male friends are travelling alongside them, something which might not be so easy to accomplish should their parents be sitting alongside. “I read regular reports where three or four young people have been killed in a car and it’s a new driver, and you wonder what happened,” said McLoughlin, speaking to The Telegraph. “When I talk to young people who have recently passed their test what they say sometimes there is peer pressure is put on them to go fast, to show off. They are not anticipating an accident, but something goes wrong. They are not drivers with a huge amount of experience by the very fact of their being new drivers. I think we have got to look at that.”

Based on the 2010 road crash statistics, published in January of this year, males are three times as likely to be fatally injured in a road crash as opposed to females. In 2010, amongst all car drivers, 17-24 year old male drivers were five times as likely to die as any other group. Last year a study on the psychology of risky driving behaviours carried out by the Dr Kiran Sarma at NUI Galway revealed some disturbing insights, particularly into the driving mindset of young male drivers. One in five aged 17-24 admitted that they had engaged in racing on the roads while they also scored the highest percentage in the category of drivers who thought it both acceptable to break the speed limit while overtaking and to continue driving through amber traffic lights. Biological studies have shown that the part of the brain which involves risk assessment doesn’t develop properly until the age of 25 and as a result, Dr Sarma claimed, young drivers tend to overestimate their ability behind the wheel. “Research tells us that this group of road-users is three times more likely to be killed on the roads than any other road-user,” said Mr Noel Brett, Chief Executive of the Road Safety Authority. “In fact, 5,678 young road-users with their lives ahead of them were killed or seriously injured on Irish roads in the period 1997 to 2009. This is roughly the same as the population of Westport in Co. Mayo. When you think of it in those terms, we are reminded of how needless this loss of life is.”

Ireland does have measures in place to tackle young drivers’ lack of experience and thus their reckless behaviours such as the requirement to undertake a set number of lessons from an approved driving instructor as well as the need to have a fully licensed driver in the car at all times. Unfortunately, like the proposed UK rule, these measures are quite difficult to enforce, and chance is a major factor in catching those who flout the rules – it’s very easy to take your learner plates down from the windows and simply drive by unnoticed.  Operation Learner Driver which was carried out by the Gardaí on March 1st, March 2nd and April 19th involved stopping 2,200 learner drivers. 43 per cent were found to be unaccompanied by a full license holder while 30 per cent failed to display their ‘L’ plates. And in some cases, both offences were committed by the same driver. “There is also an issue of parental responsibility involved here,” said Noel Brett, “and I would appeal directly to the parents of young learner drivers to stop turning a blind eye to what’s going on and do not allow their son or daughter access to a vehicle unless they are accompanied and have L-plates displayed.”

Some might argue that the need to have only family members in the car alongside learner drivers would be an extra unnecessary impediment on this particular group of motorists. But the fact of the matter is that these are the ones who are most at risk on our roads. Perhaps we can follow the lead of our closest neighbours and look in to appropriating some of their ideas and the effect of a disapproving parental gaze might just save a few lives.

RSA Finds 20% Of Youths Race on Irish Roads

Research released by the Road Safety Authority at their annual lecture showed that 20% of young drivers have raced on roads in this country.

Young male drivers have emerged from this latest research very badly. The survey of 1,500 drivers show young male drivers reported more speeding, reckless driving and use of mobile phones while driving than other motorists.

The report also found that 5,678 road users aged between 17 and 24 were killed or seriously injured on Irish roads between 1997 and 2009 and more than a third (35%) of those deaths took place between midnight and 5am.

High profile road safety campaigns and the introduction of the points system would appear to have had some positive effect with the number of road deaths for 2011 down on 2010 figures according to Garda statistics. However, despite this, reports of speeding have seen a stark rise.

Convictions for speeding have almost doubled on 2010 figures with over 96,000 people receiving points on their licence in the first four months of 2011.

Elsewhere, incidents of driving while intoxicated have dropped in the past few years with an average of 902 incidents per month reported by Gardai for this year. In 2010, there was an average of 1,000 people caught drink driving per month.

The RSA report was created by Dr. Kiran Sarma, a chartered psychologist and lecturer in psychology at NUI Galway. Dr. Sarma believes these issues with driving on our roads are not merely due to lack of strict penal procedures or speed testing equipment but more so down to people’s attitudes, he said:

“The research would suggest that addressing speeding attitudes is important but that deeper psychological factors are also linked to dangerous driving on our roads.”