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24 Year Old Man Charged Over Dublin Airport Hijacking


Gardaí have charged a 24 year old man in connection with the hijacking of a car at Dublin Airport yesterday.

The man is due to appear in court this morning at 10.30am.

The incident occurred at approximately 3.40pm yesterday at Dublin Airport when man in his 60’s was assaulted by the 24 year old, who then got into the injured man’s car and left the scene. Continue reading

A Year in Brief: Part One


What a year it’s been; Hitler birthday cakes, mutant rats, and Bob Geldof off to space! To celebrate the end of another 365 days here are some of NIB’s favourite stories of the year.

Kicking off the year in festive spirit a man in Derry was fined after stealing a CCTV camera which “became his friend”. Police found Peter Morrison, 24, drunk and “petting” the camera as they arrived to arrest him. CCTV pets are for life not just for Christmas. Continue reading

Ireland Welcomes One Millionth American Visitor Of 2013


The one millionth American visitor to Ireland this year – Leonie Higgins – arrived in Dublin this morning. She flew in from JFK with her husband Jim. To mark the milestone occasion, Tourism Ireland and Aer Lingus offered the couple two return tickets just before they left JFK for Dublin – for a future visit to Ireland.

The Irish-American couple, who live in Montgomery, in upstate New York, travel to Ireland regularly to attend the races at Punchestown and to play golf. However, this is their first time to spend Christmas in Ireland. Continue reading

News In Brief-Rat Plane Crashes In Dublin As Sports Team Go Off The Ball

Rats Safe After Airport Crash

Rats Safe After Airport Crash

If News in Brief can’t be bothered this week can we blame it on tooth ache like Rory McIlroy? Only joking News in Brief is always on the ball. Unlike the Newstalk sports pundits behind the ’Off The Ball’ team, they’re definitely off: the ball, the side and the airwaves. The group’s departure comes after the lads were not allowed the option of moving from 7pm to 6pm for fears listeners would not be receptive and incurring the wrath of George Hook. Despite the possibility of a swift swop to RTE any transfer deals haven’t been signed as yet and it’s getting closer to extra time (very proud of all those sport references). It’s a shame they left this week, there was some kind of ball game on Tuesday wasn’t there? Continue reading

News in Brief: Ryanair Boss Lashes Out As Prince Willy Gets Set To Be A Daddy

Pregnant: Willie Wasted No Time

Pregnant: Willie Wasted No Time

An Garda Síochána to the rescue! The guards saved the day in a movie like sting this week just as a poor pensioner was about to be duped out of €5000 in a tarmacadam scam. In a crack down on fraudsters, uniform and armed officers (all with pants over tights of course and, News in Brief likes to imagine, accompanied by the Batman and Robin theme tune) were out in Waterford where they prevented the frail gentleman from parting with his cash in the nick of time. The suspects scarpered.

A former Fianna Fail councillor and chairman at IT Tralee has been defamed by no less than 26 professors who claim he plagiarised chunks of his thesis. This thesis makes up part of a degree paid for from his allowance from Clare County Council.

In some cases, the angered lectures allege, large pieces of the work by Flan Garvey are identical to previously published sources, including a whopping fourteen page segment that first appeared in a text from 1965. Mr Garvey certainly doesn’t get any honours.

Michael O’Leary has rained on the Gathering parade with a bizarre air of superiority (forgetting it’s himself that’ll be shipping tourists in to the economy boosting scheme).

Nothing if not controversial, the Ryanair boss has labelled the event scheduled for 2013 ‘The Grabbing’ criticising the increased taxes at Dublin Airport which will hit him directly. James O’Reilly, chairman of the World Mini Games that are coming to Cork next year (watch out Rio!) told O’Leary to ’cut out the negative bullshit’ a sentiment News in Brief shares but hopes Michael doesn’t take to mean toilets, seat cushions and pilots from all future flights.

Raindrops keep falling on my tent. It is the biggest tourist hub in the country and it’s also the wettest. Now Killarney is set to be covered in a giant heavy-duty, tent-like canopy so shoppers and tourists alike can keep dry while out and about. Local engineer Paudie O’Mahoney has devised the plan to cover the streets and encourage more “outdoor activities”, indoors. In a worrying prophecy Mr O’Mahoney said, ’I can see it taking off all over the country’. News in Brief isn’t keen on camping . . .

The biggest news story this week is of course the budget. If you were hoping for a Christmas miracle, forget it.
Millionaires will be targeted as will those at the other end of the spectrum earning under €18,000. Politicians will face stricter rules on expenses. Cigarettes, alcohol and fuel are all going up in price. Child benefit will be cut by €10 and medical card holders will see a rise in the prices they pay by 100%. Car tax is going up, dole will be cut, oh and elderly people will be given the chance to pay the property tax on their home from beyond the grave. And good will to all men.

“Last week she got a fringe, this week she’s growing her heir”. Kate Middleton, the future Queen, announced she is preggers. Some tabloids saw it coming when she got a new do – most women traditionally opt for a loose-fitting top, she went for a fringe. Anyway the poor old Princess was hospitalised with severe morning sickness. She was discharged last night although once she sees the papers she might need another visit.
While the Daily Mail speculated on what this meant for the context of those topless photos, on Twitter everyone was getting excited about the prospect of a Half Blood Prince. @RoyalFetus was born almost instantly with such insights as ‘burp’ and ‘I may not have bones yet but I’m already more important than everyone reading this’. Funny and true.

News in Brief-De Burgh Funds Anglo Musical But What About Cowen?

Twelve Anglo men. We found out at the start of that week that the Irish Lothario with an eye for the ladies in red Chris de Burgh, is in fact one of a dozen wealthy individuals that helped bankroll Anglo: The Musical. Un-burgh-lievable, who knew he had it in him?
Producers have refused to name who else might have chipped in to stage the satirical puppet show based on Ireland’s economic crash however Marian Keyes and Sharon Corr are believed to have had some involvement. News in Brief is going to start a book on the other 11, 14-1 Brian Cowen paid for his own puppet.

It looks like It could go all quiet on the Dublin front. An initiative proposed by the city council want’s to see a delegated area become “quiet zones” as part of a European directive. These areas can be parks or gardens with a day time decibel level of no more than 55 and the dominant sounds those of birds calling or water splashing. All well and good you may say but how will this silence be enforced? If you take a fit of the sneezes down at Dollymount Strand can you expect to be carted off? Or wrestled (silently) to the ground before having gaffe tape plastered across your face? It all sounds a bit Orwellian, not too far from the thought police.

F*** your Honda Civic and your horse I’ve got an ambulance outside. Whilst paramedics attended a house in Blanchardstown, west Dublin this week, the crew were amazed to discover when they came back outside their fire brigade vehicle had been nicked. Presumably not by the tax paying cream of Irish society. A second emergency vehicle then had to be called to pick up the crew of the first. The first ambulance was later found crashed at Corduff Park. Great craic lads.

Apparently austerity is undermining our human rights, and there’s News in Brief thinking it was all a big laugh! Honestly cutting off electricity and gas supplies is just makes dodging the dog a fun after dinner game and eating a cardboard cereal box is even quicker than the Special K challenge.
No, we don’t need Amnesty International Ireland to tell us life isn’t all beer and skittles and the next budget is effectively going to pour salt into our open wounds but sure isn’t it great to have a fully funded conference.

And finally News in Brief was astonished to hear of the passenger that had to step in to help land a diverted Lufthansa flight from Newark to Frankfurt at Dublin airport this week. As I’m sure was Michael O’Leary . . .

Irishman Unknowingly Smuggled Knife Through Two Airports

Brusletto Fishing Fillet Knife

A Kildare native has been left totally surprised after he unknowingly smuggled a large knife through security at Dublin Airport in his hand luggage on September 2nd.

The 21 year old from Celbridge, who has just returned from Crete, was also able to pass through the  security at Heraklion airport undetected with the Brusletto Fishing Fillet Knife.

The man, who did not wish to be identified, revealed that on the day before he left for Greece he had lent the bag to his brother to go fishing and that the knife actually belonged to his brother.

On the Tuesday after his arrival in Crete the man and his girlfriend rented a motorbike. It was only when driving on the motorbike that they stumbled across the knife, as the bag which he wore on his back ripped and the knife fell out onto the road.

The man then dumped the knife before returning to the airport on September 7th for his return flight home.

Speaking of his ordeal the man said “I really couldn’t believe the way things unfolded. It was quite bizarre. I am however relieved that I managed to get through with it as it would have ruined my holiday if I had of been caught. Even though it was unintentional I highly doubt the authorities would have believed my story.”

“Airport security seriously needs to be reviewed after this. I could have been anyone.”

This latest breach of security will come as a blow to the airport authorities, who are only getting over a European Union report which highlighted two major security issues last May.

The Dublin Airport Authority have declined to comment on the matter but are set to launch a full investigation into the matter.

News in Brief-A Weeks of Mishaps As Wallace And Starbucks Gain Unwanted Attention

Mick Wallace, the tax evading TD, is on the naughty step again. The Independent TD has insisted it is “very unlikely” his firm will honour its debts to the Revenue. Reassuring to many Irish families suffering through the monetary crisis. Wallace also insists he will not resign despite deliberately breaking the law by knowingly under-declaring Vat. Nine members of the technical group of TDs said Mr Wallace had “done wrong and that he should be equally accountable as any other TD or ordinary Irish citizen”. However this would imply white-haired Wallace from Wexford, in his pink shirt and dangly earring is an ordinary citizen . . .


In other money news Kanye West and Jay Z are giving the cash-strapped Irish public a break by reducing their fees for their regally titled show, Watch the Throne at the O2 on Saturday night. How very good of the multi-millionaire musicians. As long as us commoners do indeed, watch their thrones on our way out.


Starbucks have found themselves in trouble this week after they “erroneously posted” a tweet on their @StarbucksIE account saying; “Happy hour is on! Show us what makes you proud to be British for a chance to win. Don’t forget to tag #MyFrappuccino”. Irish followers didn’t take well to the mis-tweet with comedy writer Colm Tobin calling it, “the social media equivalent of Oliver Cromwell kicking Fungi in the nose” and another tweeter suggesting Starbucks re-name frappuccino’s, ‘Trappachino’s’ for the duration of the Euro 2012.


The Green Army are on their way to Poland as we speak for the start of Euro 2012. What a terrifyingly drunken sight they must be. Dublin airport is set to struggle through the masses of Irish fans who are being urged not to boost Poland’s sex trade whilst in the country. Katherine Dunne, Labour Women Chair, commented: ‘Experience has shown that any major sporting event at which large numbers of people congregate results in a temporary and spectacular increase in the demand for sexualservices’. And that’s just the footballers.


Junior cert. and Leaving cert. students are also kicking off, with many now having sat their English, Irish and Home Ec. papers. There was even a surprise visit from Justin Bieber, not in person which would presumably have caused mass hysteria, but in the Higher Irish Leaving cert. exam. Tá mé Justin, an bhfuil tú Belieber?


In another major sporting event, the Olympic flame briefly came to Ireland, who did we send forth to carry it aloft? You all know. I’m not naming them this week. Those two.





Art at Dublin Airport: Two Artists’ Work Currently On show In Terminal 2

During my couple of weekend trips through Dublin Airport’s still relatively new Terminal 2 building, I was interested to note that the DAA is finding time to slot some new artworks into its flagship terminal. I have to admit to not being in a particularly artistic frame of mind at the time due to the effects of cancelled and delayed flights but it’s nice to have something to look at when you are feeling stressed.

Faces of Ireland is an exhibition of 250 photographs by photographer Kevin Abosch that has taken him two years to produce. He has made portraits to represent the people of the 32 counties of contemporary Ireland. Each photograph is 44 inches square and all have identical backgrounds and formality of styling. In the exhibition, the photographer has placed famous figures alongside the not so famous and the not at all famous. Abosch decided to display the portraits without captions apparently to ‘democratise’ the display, treating the great and the good the same as everyone else.

I am not so sure that this achieves the desired result; after all, if we are going to recognise the faces of the great anyway I do not really see that there is any point in not captioning them. It also has the oddly reverse effect of rendering the non-public figures more anonymous, as we obviously cannot put a name to the face. It becomes an exhibition of ‘some-bodies’ and ‘nobodies’ in effect. He could perhaps have given all of the faces names instead; this would arguably have been just as democratic.

It would also have been more representative to have used ordinary people throughout rather than included famous faces that we see constantly on television. I wonder if using a few celebrity faces in the project enabled the artist to more readily ‘sell’ the idea to the DAA.  Nevertheless, the photographs have been well executed and I wish I’d had more time to look at them; maybe next time. The faces at the exhibition are set to raise money for a worthy cause as the proceeds from the sale of an exhibition catalogue and a hard backed coffee table book will go to the DAA’s charity of the year which for 2011 is ‘3Ts – Turning the Tide of Suicide’.

Moving from people to animals, another artist featured by the DAA this year is painter Nicola Russell. Her striking portrait of champion hurdler Istabraq (the Big Horse Painting) was unveiled at Punchestown earlier this year and is now in pride of place at Dublin Airport. The 13’ by 10’ canvas is displayed in T2 in the departures area, before the security check so anyone may go along and see it. The portrait of this equine celebrity, voted Ireland’s favourite racehorse in 2009, will be on show at the airport until spring 2012. I suppose that is one public figure that probably needs no caption if you are a racing fan; keep your eyes peeled for famous faces next time you travel!