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College Course Dissatisfaction

Students across the country are unhappy with their college courses and various aspects contained within them. If a survey recently performed by a well respected student website is to believed.

The survey done by student website has shown that just over a third of students in third level education on Ireland are  unhappy with college courses be it in their composition, their promises or their real world worth. Out of 3,894 students surveyed, 44% of students said they would take a different course if they could go back and fill out the CAO again, an imposing figure considering university today and its supposed high levels of education.

This may be down to a lack of clear explanations and outlines to what the course actually entails. Many college prospectuses’ can be too convoluted and may require a better knowledge of the course subject than obtained at second level. This is shown in that 30% of students noted that their college prospectus didn’t accurately describe their course.

The high levels of dissatisfaction with their chosen course according to the survey may be linked to the notion that students did not feel themselves accurately prepared for college after completion of secondary school. surveyed that 38% of students felt that second level education did not accurately prepare them for college.

And once in college, stress has also shown to be a major factor in the completion of third level degrees with 66% of students having considered dropping out due to stress.

These factors are leading to a large amount of students leaving third year education in turmoil and incoming students feeling even more pressure as they struggle to pick the right course.

Dublin Man Escaped Japan Prior to Earthquake

A Dublin family were overcome with joy after finally establishing contact with their son who they believed was in Japan.

Alan Keegan (24) from Lucan has been travelling the world for the past year and recently made contact with his family to inform them that he was in the Pacific nation.

However after Friday’s earthquake and tsunami his family became increasingly worried about his safety as they were unable to get through to him.

When they finally got through to the Dublin City University science graduate they were relieved to find out that he was in fact on the other side of the world in Colombia.

A family source admitted their relief at finally hearing from Alan. “It took time to get to get through to him but we’re just glad that we did in the end. We thought he was still in Japan however Alan is safe and well and is currently in Medellin in Columbia with his friends”.

There are no reports of Irish casualties in Japan according to the Department of the Foreign Affairs. The Irish embassy are currently  in the process of contacting some of the 2000 Irish people resident in Japan after a large number of calls were logged with the embassy in Dublin.

However the source did reveal that the Lucan native has been worried about the possibility of the tsunami hitting Colombia, after an alert was issued to several South American countries following Friday’s destruction.

“When Alan rang he informed us that people over there were on high alert after the events in Japan. He said that most of South America was under warning but that it was widely believed that Japan had bore the brunt of this horrific tragedy”.

Waves that were 28 inches high struck the coast of Colombia at around 7pm on Saturday evening.

Colombia is no stranger to tsunamis. An earthquake that measured 8.8 on the Richter scale in January 1906 killed up to 1500 people between both Colombia and Ecuador. The tsunami travelled as far north as San Francisco, on the west coast of the US, and west to Hawaii and Japan.

Meanwhile the Colombian president has offered his condolences to the people of Japan, after news that the death toll could exceed 10 000. “We lament the tragedy in Japan “ said President Jose Manuel Santos in a twitter message which was posted on the presidency’s website.

He further added that the Colombian government would be keeping people informed about the effects of waves crashing against their Pacific coast line.

This article featured in the city final edition of the Evening Herald on Monday March 14th 2011.