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News In Brief: Danger Looms As Loo’s Demolished

The loom band disease spreads fast from extremities to internal organs! (image:

The loom band disease spreads fast from extremities to internal organs! (image:

Step away from the loom bands! They will KILL you. Danger is looming! Turns out the popular little rubber bands that everyone is spending hours tying in knots could actually be highly cancerous. Well not the actual bands, NIB doesn’t want to scaremonger, but the little charms you can add to your creations. They’ve been found to have excessive levels of carcinogens causing global panic. Or a small media panic. With each great craze comes a great fall, remember when Tamogotchis got smart and started taking over the world and the Americans had to be called in?

In other news it’s been Leaving Cert results week and in true Irish fashion a pub has been blacklisted for offering shots to students at 10.30am. The Bishopstown Bar in Cork, had to apologise after tweeting; ‘Best of luck to all getting results. Remember we serve alcohol from 10.30am’ proving just how important it is to pass your exams so you don’t end up running a pub that opens after Jeremy Kyle every morning. Continue reading

Poetic Justice


As a young child this correspondent was a bit slow on the uptake. Your correspondent would demonstrate this by an inability to grasp that answering one’s parents back would lead to a belt (in school it was punishment work).

It took this correspondent a good few belts and a couple of apology notes to cop that not arguing back had its benefits i.e. pain and punishment-free living.

Your correspondent was reminded of his youthful self while reading about the travails of a Mr Lewis Shawcross from Plymouth, England.

Last August, Lewis (aged twenty) had an altercation with two local police officers over the speed he was doing on his motorcycle. Continue reading

The Most Laid Back School in The World


You’re about to meet the most laid back school in the United States. Meet Sudbury Valley School – the school that allows you to do anything you want.

The school itself was founded in 1968 in Framingham, Massachusetts. The school is firmly based on the Sudbury model utilised throughout the United States, Denmark, Israel, Japan, Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

The model firmly runs of the system off;
– Educational Freedom
– Democratic Governance
– Personal Responsibility

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Quinn Signs SOLAS Order And Dissolves FAS In The Process


The Minister for Education and Skills, Ruairí Quinn T.D., has signed the Order for the establishment of the new further education and training authority SOLAS. Its commencement brings about the dissolution of FÁS.

The new statutory agency will operate under the aegis of the Department of Education and Skills. SOLAS, in partnership with the 16 new Education and Training Boards, will be responsible for the integration, co-ordination and funding of the wide range of training and further education programmes around Ireland. One of its first tasks will be to devise a strategy for the development of a unified further education and training sector. Continue reading

News in Brief-Shatter’s Racy Novel Returns While Irish Biscuit Gambler Isn’t a Jammie Dodger

A cardinal at the Vatican at the beginning of the week, claimed Enda Kenny wasn’t making sense, after the Taoiseach reportedly asked: ’How do you like your eggs in the morning? Raising eyebrows Enda went on to say: ’I’m a teapot and I’ve made some terrible mistakes in regards to our country’s future but I’m really, really sorry and that. It’s not you, it’s your beard.’ It’s unclear who he was referring to. Continue reading

Trinity College To Offer Free Online Courses

File:Trinity College Facade.JPG

FutureLearn, which offers access to free online courses from some of the top British and international universities, has announced its first international partnership with Trinity College Dublin, which will offer free courses through

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News in Brief-Enda Dons Clown Pants As Author Rips Bono

endaSomeone’s been sending dirty nappies to Leinster House. It’s unclear to what this dirty protest relates or if it is the work of a group or individual. A Leinster House source commented: “We’re not too bothered by it.”

That is literally the end of that story. Continue reading

Universities Must Do More To Ease Student Stress

Mental Health

The sun is beginning to peep out, we have started shrugging off the winter woollies and summer is on the horizon, yet not everyone can rush out and enjoy what seems to be a twenty minute flash of sunshine. It is once again approaching the time of year dreaded by many young people. Examination time has reared its ugly head once again. As dissertation deadlines loom and many of us students have taken up residence in the library in order to meet the expectations of our tutors, the stresses of University life have taken its toll on many young minds. Continue reading

Education Is One Area ‘ Imitation Is The Greatest Form Of Flattery’.

If we look around the world there are countries that are synonymous with high quality education systems – Japan, Sweden and Norway to name a few. Each of these countries have a distinct educational ethos that has seen them succeed in producing students that are world renowned in high quality industry fields such as science and mathematics. The question is, if looking at education reform in Ireland, why should we not be replicating the best components of these fine examples? Continue reading

Government Penny Pinching May Do More Harm Than Good

covBackbenchers from Fine Gael and Labour have warned of impending trouble within the coalition over the issue of means testing for third level grants. The Government has indicated that proposals regarding the inclusion of assets worth over €750,000 are still being discussed – meaning farms and business assets could now come under scrutiny when applying for education grants. The issue first reared its head last summer and has once more come to the fore this week. Education Minister Ruairi Quinn has argued previously that farmers and the self-employed are not averse to manipulating their incomes to ensure their children receive third level grants. Continue reading