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FBI Shut Down Drugs And Hitman Hiring Website


The FBI has shut down an online black market used to buy drugs and hire hitmen, arresting the mastermind in the process.

29 year old Ross William Ulbricht is accused of “controlling and overseeing all aspects” of hidden website Silk Road, as well as plotting to kill another person who was trying to extort money from him.

Ulbricht, known as Dread Pirate Roberts on the site, is also charged with drug trafficking, computer hacking and money laundering arising from his enterprise which he established to “abolish the use of coercion and aggression against mankind.” Continue reading

What Do Your Facebook Updates Say About You?


In the age of social media, people’s inner lives are increasingly recorded through the language they use online. With this in mind, an interdisciplinary group of University of Pennsylvania researchers is interested in whether a computational analysis of this language can provide as much, or more, insight into their personalities as traditional methods used by psychologists, such as self-reported surveys and questionnaires.

In a recent study, published in the journal PLOS ONE, 75,000 people voluntarily completed a common personality questionnaire through a Facebook application and made their Facebook status updates available for research purposes. The researchers then looked for overall linguistic patterns in the volunteers’ language. Continue reading

Superquinn Merger Slammed As 102 Jobs Lost



Superquinn and Supervalu’s decision to merge next February has been slammed after it was revealed 102 jobs at the former’s support office would be lost in the process.

The move to merge two of the biggest players in Irish retail was announced today by Musgrave, which owns both brands and will drop the Superquinn name. Continue reading

Dublin Digital Scene Fuelled By Pump Station Studios

The business scene throughout the globe is undergoing a period of rapid change, consider it a try or die era. The rise of the internet over the past decade has brought about new threats and opportunities.

While the internet has led to the death of a plethora of businesses and indeed some industries, it has created a new marketplace in which modern day businesses and consumers can operate with relative ease.

The power of the internet knows no boundaries but the power of a business becomes somewhat limited if it fails to incorporate a digital strategy.

Eager to get a deeper insight into the workings of a digital strategy we sat down with Jason Hassett, co-founder of Pump Station Studios, an innovative software company that specializes in the development of web and mobile applications.     Continue reading

House Of Pain : Life Beyond The Squared Circle

dannyWhat is wrong with wrestlers being wrestling fans?

This subject has bothered me for a while NOW, what constitutes the term “Mark”? Is it going around wearing your favourite wrestler’s t-shirt/merch or is it knowing all the details about his/her matches/life etc? To me that’s a wrestling fan not a Mark but in wrestling circles to be called such a thing is derogatory because to talk about last night’s Raw/Smackdown/ppv or even TNA event is blasphemy and it is frowned upon. Continue reading

Technology Does Not Bully Others, People Do.

me at afterpartyLast August I was asked to join the cast of hit TV show Tallafornia for a few days. While chatting to fellow cast member Jay on the phone, he told me there was a heat wave in Santa Ponsa and the villa we would be staying in had a swimming pool. The villa also had its own private walk-way down to a stone balcony which had an amazing view of the ocean.  I couldn’t wait to get over there, Jay was having a great time and I thought I may as well have some fun in the sun. Continue reading

Landmark Occasion Offers an Important Reminder

dgThe online world has often been held up by a great deal of those who use it as the last true bastion of freedom of speech, a domain in which people can say what they want and when they want, without fear of retribution and recrimination. As a result of the perceived anonymity when we log on (you’re never truly anonymous online) some strange beast seems to awaken inside the minds of numerous surfers, turning ordinary people into hate filled, curse spewing individuals. Just play any computer game online and have a listen to some of the things the other gamers come out with, or log on to any message board across the web and you’ll see this in action, day after day. But these people, in Ireland at any rate, often don’t understand the significance of their actions, and fail to understand the very real connection between what goes on online and the real world where their actions will now have serious consequences.

Believed to be the first incident of its kind, a Twitter user has come to a settlement following an allegation he had damaged the name of businessman Declan Ganley of Libertas political fame, and was forced to apologise and make a ‘sizeable’ donation to a charity as a testament to his regret for his actions. Blogger Kevin Barrington was held to account for a number of Tweets in which he apparently defamed Declan Ganley on the popular social media site. Word is that other public figures have taken note of the verdict, and will pursue their own campaigns against their online abusers in the weeks and months to come.

Freedom on the internet is a hotly contested issue, and the decision will unsurprisingly upset a great many people who have been used to saying whatever they like. But curbing people’s freedom of speech in an era which has seen the meteoric rise, not only in popularity but also in influence, of social media in Ireland isn’t what’s at stake here, it is simply a long overdue notice reminding everyone that just because you say something defamatory on Facebook or Twitter rather than in the media or some other public podium doesn’t make it any less hurtful, any less damaging or just as importantly, any less illegal. The fact is that too many people have been hiding behind screen names and abusing the privilege that the internet gives to its users to propagate their views instantaneously to a potentially huge audience, and who don’t often understand that it is not a God-given right to do so, as they casually respond to the latest stories without really caring what they say and the impact it could have. From harassment and name calling to verbal threats, bullying has plagued the message boards and social media over the past few years, and its about time that a legal precedent was laid in place for when the next victim finally decides they have had enough and say ‘no more’. It’s been a long time coming. Suicides, particularly amongst the younger age group, have been needlessly rising over the past number of years, fuelled, in part, by reckless abuse across sites like Facebook and And perhaps now, some people might understand that their online actions have real life consequences while those that realise this but act anyway will find themselves in very hot water.