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Film Review: The Double

Double exlusive trailer

We live in an age of anxiety, and good old Dostoyevsky saw it coming: “If there’s no God everything is permitted,” he said in 1880. It is a statement often quoted as a moral warning – a prediction that without the Big G overseeing things man would implode in an orgy of hedonistic chaos. But that wasn’t Fyodor’s main concern – he was much more interested in how a world without meaning, fate, or belief might torture an individual human soul.

Welcome to the 21st Century. “Everything is permitted” is now the gleeful cheer of our consumerist overlords. Enjoy freedom! Enjoy choice! Be anyone you want to be! Unfortunately, for people who don’t particularly like themselves this is a double kick in the guts, because not only have they grown up to be a social clod with all the charisma of a P60, they are now entirely and solely responsible for this state of affairs. Nobody to blame but yourself says the modern world – you chose this miserable destiny. You could easily have been a rock star or spaceman but you ended up sitting in your pants, eating Nutella straight from the jar, writing film reviews nobody reads. What a waste.

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Filth Delivers On Title Promise


Having seen its trailer and read a synopsis of the book I had an idea what to expect heading into Filth, however I can only compare it to ordering vinegar with my chips and them instead being covered in gasoline and I mean that in the best way possible. Filth takes us into the drug, alcohol and sex filled world of corrupt cop Bruce Robertson played by the talented Mr James McAvoy.

For years I have said two things about McAvoy: (1) Hes an actor who gives great and grounded performances. (2) In all his interviews he is distinctly more charismatic, engaging and an all round show man than he appears on film. Since making these two observations I have patiently waited for McAvoy to land a role that would allow him to shift from the subtle acting he does so well and take on a much louder and dynamic character. In Bruce Robertson we get this character and McAvoy delivers all I wanted and more. McAvoy completely transforms into a messiah for degenerates while fluctuating between prismatic and pitiful throughout the 97 minutes. The success of this film was always going to hinge on his portrayal of Robertson and McAvoy succeeded in making Filth one of the most unique experiences I have had at the cinema. Continue reading