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Six Nations 2015 – What We Watch It For


You couldn’t predict it. If you think you did, you’re wrong. 240 minutes of rugby and not a single one went as anyone would have expected. We knew that Gatland would have his Welsh squad fired up of course and that they have one of the best backlines in Europe, but we didn’t know that Italy were going to collapse as spectacularly as they did. Nobody could have seen Ireland coming out of the traps like that either, matching their best ever winning margin over the Scots. Of course, England and France, thank you. Quite simply the best game of rugby I have ever seen and Welcome back France, you have been missed.
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Six Nations 2013 Wrap Up – Wales Retain The Title In Style As Ireland Finally Fall To Italy


Coghlan A New Hero As BOD Cited Following Italian Defeat

Well, deflated is a word that will linger for long  in the minds of Irish fans after this Six Nations. But only in relation to one of the three facets of the competition, for it would be remiss to omit the stunning achievement of the Irish women’s team from this year’s records. Not too long ago they hadn’t scored a single try in TWO years, they had yet to even claim victory over the English yet now today they will all revel in the glory of winning their first ever Six Nations title. They have also done so with an emphatic 25 nil win over England and a defensive display in Italy the men’s team can be envious of. It has been a long struggle for the likes of captain Fiona Coghlan, sleeping on gym floors and undertaking twilight journeys to games but hopefully this success will find the IRFU giving them the recognition and reward they deserve and not letting this amount to a one off. God knows if nothing else they’ve given the sport a much needed lift after the dire display of the men’s team this campaign. Italy 3 – Ireland 6 Continue reading