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Film Review: Gone Girl


This autumn’s most anticipated thriller Gone Girl is finally here and it doesn’t disappoint. Adapted by the author herself, Gillian Flynn has turned her bestseller successfully into a Hollywood blockbuster.

On their fifth year wedding anniversary Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) arrives home to find his wife Amy (Rosamund Pike) has disappeared. He calls the police assuming someone broke in and abducted her, but as the investigation unfolds things just don’t add up.

Detectives Boney (Kim Dickens) and Gilpin (Patrick Fugit) soon change the investigation from abduction to murder and Nick becomes their main suspect. Continue reading

Film Review: Before I Go To Sleep


Based on S.J Watson’s bestselling novel, Before I Go To Sleep is a Hitchcockian thriller with Nicole Kidman staring as the usual blond heroin and Colin Firth as her tall dark counterpart.

Christine Lucas (Kidman) is a forty-year old housewife who suffers from amnesia, over night her brain resets to her mid twenties and each morning she is faced with confusion, anxiety and an overwhelming amount of information. Her somewhat unforthcoming husband Ben (Firth) explains the situation every morning, wearily but patiently.

Then, as soon as Ben leaves for work, the phone rings and a man calling himself Dr Nash (Mark Strong) explains to Christine that he has been helping her to remember. He instructs her to find a camera that she herself has hidden and on which she has recorded a video diary.

Soon Christine discovers that Ben has been keeping secrets, the biggest being that she wasn’t involved in an accident, as he claimed, but that she was the victim of a brutal assault. And that she has a child, a boy who he says has died. Continue reading