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Video Games – What’s The Obsession?


With the release of EA Sports’ FIFA 14 just around the corner and a week since Grand Theft Auto has been released I felt this article on video games and how easily you can become addicted to them was necessary.

Speaking from experience, and if you follow me on Twitter you’ll know I am, games such as Grand Theft Auto, FIFA 14, Football Manager can easily take over your life – if you let it! I could easily spend the whole day/evening playing such games and I take a look into why this happens, graphics? Can’t just be that! Continue reading

Grand Theft Auto V


In an age where hype doesn’t always live up, gamers can rest assured that the five year wait for Grand Theft Auto V is no anti climax. Thousands of fans flocked to game stores all over the country last night and have been rewarded as Rockstar have delivered on their promise in this pulsating new game. How can we know for sure GTA V is the epic we were all promised? A plane hijacking story within the title will tell all as you hijack a plane, fight the crew, crash it into another plane, and have to parachute out to escape death from military fighter jets. Continue reading