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The Rise Of Special Olympics Ireland


November 25th 1963, the eyes of the world are firmly fixed on Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. A heroic figure has been cut down in his prime. A 42 year old woman stands idly by as she watches her brother lowered into the ground. Amidst the backdrop of her sibling’s successes, it is now her time to create some history of her own.

One year prior to the death of her brother Eunice Kennedy Shriver had a vision. She invited young people with intellectual disabilities to a day camp in her own back garden, sowing the seeds for the foundation of the Special Olympics – an organisation that would grow into a global movement and change the lives of millions. Eunice, saw opportunity where others saw barriers, and despite the personal tragedies that encapsulated her family she battled valiantly and secured a brighter future for all those born with intellectual disabilities. Continue reading

News in Brief

It’s been a bad time for couples this week, first with Ronan and Yvonne Keating confirming their separation then the news that Louis Walsh and Cheryl Cole have also split – although with less call for lawyers and divorce settlements.
Louis has ended his friendship with Simon Cowell’s old favourite after she reportedly told Marie Claire, Girls Aloud were “never managed” after their creation on Popstars. Louis has hit back full force saying, “If i was in London I’d give her a piece of my mind”. Claims regarding Cheryl’s reply are in question as no one is able to understand what she said.
Meanwhile, Ronan and Yvonne have taken to twitter to separately confirm the end of their marriage late last year, having decided to keep the split private to protect their family. Will anothe celeb split get nasty or are both now in “Friend-zone”?

Titanic has been launched, not the boat again, but centenary celebrations that have cost Belfast council £77million (€92.4million). With £66million coming from the public purse, the Titanic celebrations have also launched fresh concerns about how many tourists the new centre will have to intice (at £13 a ticket) to break even. The fancy tv logo must have cost a bit with all it’s sharp pointy blue lines but where has the rest of the money gone?
‘The World’s Largest Titanic Visitor Experience` offers the chance to explore the shipyard in which the boat was built, the rooms on board and the story of the maiden voyage, worth every penny of your thirteen pounds. `Going beyond the aftermath` of the fated voyage sounds a bit murky, but thanks to oceanographer Dr Robert Ballard’s high definition footage of the ships final resting place it’s not!
Those with pop-culture aversion may scowl at the refusal of some to let it go – what with James Cameron’s 1997 film being re-released in 3D – but we’re in for a year of Titanic so you may as well strap on the life jacket. I for one am jumping aboard, not literally, I don’t want to drown and tickets are sold out till April Sixteenth.

What’s longer than an olympic swimming pool and less watery? Well, a lot of things really, but particularly the journey Olympic gymnast hopeful Kieran Behan had to take get to China. Mr Behan had been invited to take part in a prestigious gymnastic event but due to mistakes regarding his visa, was forced to re-board his eighteen hour flight from Heathrow to Beijing. Back in England it was only after discussion with the Chinese embassy that Mr Behan was once again onboard and bound for the Chinese capital. Gymnastics Ireland have taken full blame for the blunder which has cost Keiran five days of important training.
Mr Behan, who has overcome sever disability and injury to get to his position in the gymnastic world was understandably frustrated, a member of his team commented, `It was the world’s biggest cock up.`