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Old Friends To Battle In Hardshaw’s Final Encounter

Two friends will collide on April 27th in a charity match as Harry Hardshaw battles Danny Deans in his farewell match.

The event which will take place at the Ayrfield community centre in Dublin will pit the former Hard Pain team members against each other for one final bout.

The duo will square off in a wrestling match, despite featuring on a boxing card in aid of the Dublin Boxing academy. Continue reading

The House Of Pain : Ready To Rock EWP

ddAs of right now I am wrestling with two promotions, Celtic Championship Wrestling and Emerald Wrestling Promotions.

My most recent match was for EWP in the Radisson hotel in Athlone on February 2nd. I managed a victory over Iron Man Petey Richards in a hard hitting opener where I was billed as Danny “the mean machine” Deans. Continue reading

Irish Wrestler Set For Charity Boxing Match

ddLeading Irish wrestler Danny “The Pain” Deans is taking to the boxing ring in an attempt to raise funds for cancer research and a cancer patient who urgently needs treatment.

The Irish News Review columnist will don a different set of gloves when he takes to the squared circle on December 21st at the Regency Hotel in Dublin.

Deans will headline the event when he battles long time friend and Hard-Pain tag team partner Harry Hardshaw in a special exhibition match. Boxing rules will apply but who knows what will happen when these two grapplers get to grips with each other.

Speaking on why he’s involved in the charity event Danny said “This event means a lot to me because over the last few years I lost two of my auntie’s to cancer. They were my father’s sisters, he is also not with us anymore so I’d say they are proud of me for taking part in this event”.

A number of boxing matches will also take place on the undercard.

Tickets for the over 18’s event cost €15 with a DJ playing live music while the action unfolds. Live music will follow the event.

If you would like to sponsor Danny you can do so by contacting him through Irish News Review.

Hard Pain Out To Teach Enemies A Lesson

Celtic Championship Wrestling makes a welcome return to Cork on October 28th with their Hostile Halloween event taking centre stage at St Finbars GAA club in Togher.

Irish News Review columnist Danny Deans headlines the card as he takes to the squared circle with Harry Hardshaw to battle Tom Finnegan and Karl Brian in a tag team match.

Both teams have a history which each other and this tussle between Hard Pain (Deans and Hardshaw) and The Smokin Aces (Finnegan and Brian) is bound to be a highlight of the show.

The rivalry between the two teams has only exacerbated since CCW’s debut show in August, when Deans stormed the ring to save Hardshaw from an attack by The Smokin Aces. Hardshaw teamed with The Smokin Aces to battle Thunder, Lightning and Bonesaw in a six man tag team match. But when Hardshaw tapped out and cost his side the victory The Smokin Aces turned on him and began beating him down before Deans made the save, stripping Finnegan of his lead pipe and nailing his signature spear on Brian. Deans then challenged the duo to a match at Hostile Halloween, one the duo reluctantly accepted.

Speaking ahead of the bout House of Pain columnist Deans said the opportunity to get a chance at revenge “means so much more than inflicting pain as per usual, it means me and Hardshaw will get to inflict Hard-Pain”.

Hardshaw revealed his anger at the actions of his former team mates saying “I come from an old school background of fair fighting, where one on one is OK, if you lost fairly then shake hands and deal with it. Smokin Aces didn’t just hit me, they did it slyly and then tried to use a steel object.”

“Luckily for me Danny helped me. He’s old school too.”

This is not acceptable. I’m a man of principles and haven’t worked 7 years for two cowards to try ruin Hardshaw’s name and reputation.

It’s not just about getting revenge, it’s about teaching a lesson and learning of consequences.

Hardshaw ended by vowing to get retribution and stating that he and Deans would teach their enemies the meaning of true pain. “They should fear Hard Pain because it’s an alliance with two of Ireland’s toughest wrestlers out for a good old fashion fight, plain and simple, we want to leave The Smokin Aces and everyone else a statement, You’ve never experienced pain til you crossed Hard Pain”.

Put simply, losing for Hard Pain simply isn’t an option as the duo seek to get one over on the brazen duo of Finnegan and Brian.

Photo courtesy of John Morrissey Photography