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Project X

British-Iranian Director Nima Nourizadeh debuts with one of the most hyped feature lengths of 2012, Project X. The ‘home video’ style film follows three high schoolers, Thomas (Thomas Mann), Costa (Oliver Cooper) and J.B. (Jonathan Daniel Brown) who plan to gain popularity by hosting a notorious gaf party. Of course, as word gets round of their shenanigans, it all gets a little out of hand…
Rated 18 and produced by ‘The Hangover’s’ Todd Phillips, the film took five weeks, shot in L.A and California with a €12 million budget, topped off with a rather refreshing cast of relatively unknowns. The latter after a nationwide open casting to find people who had no acting experience.
The Feature hit U.S and U.K Cinemas March 2nd. As of March 18, 2012, the film has grossed $48,131,000 in the United States and Canada. That’s not even counting Europe.
The soundtrack echoes the ultimate foot tapping anthems. J-Kwon, Pusha T, Machine Gun Kelly, The Far East Movement and Yeah Yeah Yeah’s set it up for a party. Proper.
So, what do the real critics think?
Todd McCarthy of ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ criticizes the movie as ‘’grimly depressing, glumly unfunny teensploitation’’. Well, I just learned a new word. Similarly, ‘USA Today’s’ Claudia Puig labels it a ‘’heinous, misogynistic movie filled with faceless crowds…’’. However, not everyone is so butchering; Owen Gleiberman of ‘Entertainment Weekly’ praised the film for updating the 70’s & 80’s clichés of teenage films like ‘Animal House’ and ‘Risky Business’ ‘’so that they look just dangerous enough to make nostalgia feel naughty’’. Pete Travers of ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine praised the film as ‘’gut-bustingly funny’’. Sold.
As it brings in the big bucks, Warner Bros has surprisingly announced that a sequel is imminent. Shock horror. As with all things Hollywood, Project X is fantastically American, slightly far-fetched but ultimately epic.