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HMV Xtra-vision Launch Ireland’s First Pre-order By Text Service


Ever missed out on pre-ordering your favourite game because you couldn’t make it to a store? With HMV Xtra-vision’s exclusive new pre-order by text service, you can instantly pre-order all the latest games releases wherever you are!

This brand new service, the first of its kind in Ireland, will kick off on Friday September 12th with a pre-order by text campaign for the biggest and most eagerly anticipated sports videogame of the year, EA SPORTS ™ FIFA 15. Continue reading

Gartland Discusses Charity Efforts Ahead Of PFAI Calendar Launch


The Professional Footballers Association Of Ireland (PFAI) will launch their 2014 Spot The Ballers calendar tomorrow.

The calendar which is funded by Ford is one of many charity efforts taking place to help Drogheda United striker Gary O’Neill, who was diagnosed with testicular cancer last month.

The calendar will be available from various retail outlets including HMV, select clubs and the PFAI themselves. Calendars will also be available to buy at the Aviva stadium on Sunday as Gary’s current team Drogheda United battle Sligo Rovers in the FAI Ford Cup final. Continue reading

HMV Closing – January Blues

hmvMy beloved HMV store closed after the UK branches went into administration on Monday last. Gift vouchers were refused (but later accepted as food vouchers at The Grafton Lounge in Dublin, which, wasn’t too bad of a deal in my opinion…).

Although, in Limerick, the HMV staff are continuing a sit-in following uproar by themselves, customers and their store manager, Chris Keena, who stated “We’re taking this stand, because we feel, fundamentally that our shop, like the rest of the Irish operation should be kept open”.

I agree. Although, it’s been a matter of fact that music stores are outdated now due to online downloading (looking at you iTunes and other slightly less legal sites…), meaning that these stores are no longer needed and will obviously go out of business since no-one buys in store anymore.

But that’s not really the point. You can’t beat the warm fuzzy vibe of walking around your local HMV store browsing your favourite tune warblers. Downloading doesn’t quite fulfil that actual novelty of having your very own packaged album with it’s cute picture book on the inside.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m as much to blame for the closing of music stores as every other serial downloader. Even if it renders my laptop’s speed non-existent. Music is important to us. It seems like a necessity to live, right up there with food and shelter… Having my laptop robbed earlier in the semester, I found myself more peeved over having to re-download ALL of my music again, rather than mourning the loss of my long suffering laptop.

But, on the scale of crap that’s happened as a result of this recession/internet downloading take-over, or whatever you want to blame it on, HMV closing; rates pretty high.

Retail Giant HMV Brought To It’s Knees

HMVThe news broke recently that the iconic music store, HMV, was going into administration. Inclusive of the UK, this puts over four thousand jobs at risk. Staff in Irish stores yesterday did not know if they would still be in employment by the end of the week.

For many, this seemed to be a huge shock, but for a few business savvy people it had been a long time coming. Since the dawn of the online purchasing age, physical shopping has been on the decline. Think about it … when was the last time you actually went into a shop and purchased a CD in person? Certainly people have been sharing fond childhood memories of spending hours browsing the aisles of HMV, myself included … but that’s exactly the point; these are memories from years ago. Yes there are definitely people out there who do still buy CD’s, but the fact is a massive amount of people purchase music from iTunes, or other such online outlets. And if we do want actual CD’s? Well, this is where Amazon makes a killing.

In the last few years I’ve noticed that HMV have placed a far greater emphasise on DVD’s and games. I see now that this was due to a decline in music sales. In fairness, it is not so easy to download movies and games (well … of good quality), so it was a logical move. I have a friend that used to work in HMV, and I’ve known for a while that they were struggling, sales wise. I thought perhaps shifting the focus to DVD’s etc might have seen them through, but then you realise sites such as Netflix, and online movie rental sites are damaging physical DVD purchases.

I admit – I get the vast majority of my music online. I’ll only buy a CD when it really means something to me; I have every single Red Hot Chili Peppers album, for example. However, I do buy an awful lot of DVD’s, and I tend to get them in person. I actually find it easier that buying online sometimes, and I’m now left wondering … where do you buy DVD’s, if not for HMV? I don’t remember the last time I saw a Golden Discs – I couldn’t even tell you if they’re still around. And headphones – where does one buy headphones? Mobile phone shops, I suppose.

Grafton Street awoke this morning (January 16) to find the massive flagship store closed – a store that has been open every single day bar Christmas Day for years. They were one of the first shops to start opening on Stephen’s Day, and were open at 7am in the run up to Christmas. Fifteen other HMV stores across Ireland were also closed, in the wake of the news that they would no longer be honouring gift vouchers – a move that has, understandably, infuriated a lot of people.

It was announced earlier today that a receiver had been appointed to HMV; Deloitte has taken control, and said in a statement earlier, “All efforts will be made by the receiver to secure a purchaser for the stores.” This means that their loyalty is to the creditor, and although HMV could continue to trade, assets would have to be sold off in order to pay any outstanding debts. Nothing else has been said, and all stores are remaining closed until further notice.

On a side note, the UK chain Blockbusters announced shortly after HMV that they were going into administration, putting over four thousand jobs at risk. Deloitte again stepped in, and a few of their partners have been appointed as joint administrators. Blockbusters are a video and game rental company, similar to Xtra Vision.

It’s not yet known what will come of HMV, but this is certainly a big awakening as to the impact online shopping and downloading has had. It was something that many people vaguely knew was having an effect on actual stores, but I think an awful lot of people didn’t realise just how much it was impacting businesses, especially those as big as HMV.

Karin Carthy