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Funniest Sports Quotes


We have heard them all over the years but I must say that I did get a laugh from revisiting some of these classics. Some are just comments that haven’t been thought through, others are from sports people that probably still can’t see the funny side and others are just from those that are plain thick and yes Kevin Keegan does appear in the list more than once. Brian O’Driscoll once said that, ‘knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad’. Now that’s a good quote, see what you think of these and feel free to contribute any that you think would merit a mention.

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Ireland Lose Out To Scotland In Seven Goal Thriller

Ireland narrowly lost out to Scotland in a seven goal thriller at Peffermill today.

The Irish should have been playing South Africa, but Visa problems meant that there would be a repeat of yesterday’s clash with Scotland instead. Continue reading

Last Minute Equaliser Secures Draw With Scotland

A last minute goal from Lisa Jacob secured a draw for Ireland against Scotland after a hard fought encounter at Peffermill today, in their first build up game to August’s European Championships.

Ireland started strongly and could have taken the lead within a minute when Jacob’s effort was well saved by Scotland keeper Cochrane. Then after two minutes, Audrey O’Flynn opened the scoring with a well struck shot from a short corner. Continue reading