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Top Gadgets This Christmas

Flexible Screens

                     The Flexible / Bendable screens also know as “electro wetting display technology”  which can be used to make electronic displays that are bright, low-power, flexible and transparent. Samsung which seems to be leading the revolution purchased Liquivista, which will allow it to produce this new technology.  Yongsuk Choi, director of Samsung Mobile Display said that most of the flexible-display technology Samsung was working on was still in very early stages. Samsung recently showcased there next generation AMOLED display at CES 2011. The displays are roll able, bendable and can even survive impacts of a hammer. An amazing idea that we never thought would be real. Coming Soon

Hamster Wheel Human Energy

This Human Hamster Wheel Concept changes the kinetic energy we use on running machines into electricity that goes back into the Main grid to power traffic lights in the nearby area. Designer Nadim Inaty believes that the will be a smarter way to replace tread mills while giving back to the community. People already PAY to go to gyms? So why not use the Human Hamster Wheel for free and give back while you burn those calories

Next Gen Smartphone

Unliquited is probably the next generation of Smart phones. It is made of two main parts, the actual phone itself and a server, that are connected wirelessly. This allows Electric components like the CPU and the phone memory to be stored on the server, so that only the basic hardware stays as part of the Phone. The server does all the work and transfers the finished display back to the device. This reduces the weight of the phone and so uses less materials and energy. Faster Phones may also be achieved but the only problem is that the phone will have to be connected to the server at all times to function.

Next Gen Touch Screen Display

The beMerlin revolutionary display system will transform traditional media into an eye catching interactive experience. This new display system allows customers to control 3D models of a product and discover the features it has to offer. beMerlin’s standard set up is made up of video-based movements tracking system, a computer, a projector and a transparent screen. The tracking system detects hand movements at a distance and this data is instantly processed and translated into on screen movements. beMerlin’s technology is invisible and easy to install, move or transport.

Bruisable gadgets heal themselves in the sun

Technology of the future may be incased in covers that bruise when dropped or scratched, but don’t worry because a few minutes in the sun will be enough for the case to repair the damaged area. Marek Urban and colleagues at the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg were inspired to create their self-healing plastic when they saw the self-healing properties of tree bark. Earlier self-healing materials didn’t change colour to highlight the damaged areas and the required focused laser light for repairs. This new material highlights the damaged areas in red and can then repair itself when exposed to light or changes in temperature oh ph. Like all plastics the new material contains long chains of polymers, except that the chains are linked by small molecular bridges that break and change the plastic’s shape when it is scratched. Urban who developed the material also said that the new material is not expensive to manufacture and said that it could be used anywhere. “The Sky is the limit” he said.

Virtual laser lane cycling

A Smart and cheap solution to the problem of Cyclist safety is the Led lane lights. A miniture device that with an array of red LEDs and a pair of laser projectors, projects two thin line onto the road on either side of the bike. The Lights that are clearly visible create a “safe lane” around the bicycle. It allows other road users to judge their distance to the bike and ensure they give the cyclist enough space when overtaking. This Gadget isn’t actually that futuristic and is available to all of us in Bike Shops around the country for around €24 a set.

By James Carron