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History Repeats Itself – 2013 Dublin Bus Strike


In the summer of 1913, James Larkin called a general strike of the employees of the Dublin Tramway Company. It escalated to this point after William Martin Murphy owner of The Irish Independent, The Evening Herald, and of course the trams, banned workers from joining or being a member of Larkin’s union, the Irish Transport and General Workers Union. History would remember Larkin’s decision to go on strike as an impressive and tactical bit of timing on his part, as it coincided with the opening day of the Dublin Horse Show; one of the busiest days for Dublin’s public transport. This led to an agreement between the majority of large business owners in Dublin locking out their workforce, causing riots, civil unrest, and very poor conditions, and lasted nearly six months. Continue reading


Irish Rail Offers Apology to Same Sex Couple

Iarnròd Èireann have issued an apology to a same sex couple after the railway operator questioned the validity of their pass last weekend. 

The couple, Noel Dolan and his partner Juan Carlos Camacho Suarez, were refused entry to a Dublin to Cork train at Heuston station last Sunday. 

Dolan had been provided with a travel pass by the Department of Social Protection which would cover both himself and his partner on a return trip to the capital. 

The couple had travelled to Dublin in order to attend the Noise March for Marriage Equality but were informed by a staff member at Heuston that their pass was invalid and they would be unable to board the train . 

The couple claim they were told that Irish Rail does not recognise same sex marriage. After requesting to speak to a supervisor the couple were further enraged that the issue was not resolved. 

Dolan and Suarez made the journey home by buying a regular ticket. 

Iarnròd Èireann has since apologised for the incident, stating it has “no policy in relation to free travel for those in same sex or any other types of marriage.”