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Autarky In Weaponry- Russia’s Not So New Option


Russia’s resurgence is reminiscent of the Cold War in numerous ways, and already, some of the same mistakes are being made. In particular, Russia’s latest move towards self-sufficiency in weapons production is doing it no favours.

Over the last few months Russia has announced moves towards domestic procurement of weaponry to offset reliance on imports. Famously we have the French built-aircraft carrier now floating idly in port after France was pressured into halting the transaction.  Vladimir Putin announced moves to invest in domestic high-tech industries. This is the kind of rhetoric that politicians wheel out to appeal to patriotic sentiment, but in the reality is simply untenable and hinders a country militarily. Full-spectrum and autonomous weapons production was once a necessity to be a great power but in the globalised age is untenable. Continue reading

Top Ten Most Expensive Homes In The World

Super Size McDonald’s Facts_Full Infographic

Three years ago news came out that a house made from 200,000 kilograms of gold and platinum fixtures and fittings sitting somewhere in the Swiss-Italian Alpine border is the world’s most expensive house valued at $12.2 billion. Global news and blog sites were quick to announce it, including the Wall Street Journal. The only caveat, the most expensive house claimed by a Stuart Hughes was… a hoax. In fact, the most expensive house today is just a fraction of Hughes’ fake property value. The residence of Ukrainian Elena Franchuk at Kensington in London is “only” $1.58 billion. Continue reading

Dead Indian Guru Frozen In Hope Of Second Coming


As court performances go, in the one-and-a-half-score-years of observing Rumpole of the Bailey and Judge Judy, your correspondent recently came across a remarkable piece of legal persuasion.

This adept arguing occurred during a dispute involving the followers of Indian Guru (spiritual advisor/teacher) Ashutosh Maharaj and his former driver.

The dispute arose from an objection by Ashutosh’s ex-driver, to him being kept in a freezer by his followers at his Ashram (monastery) in the town of Nurmahal, Punjab, India. Continue reading

Indian Gang Rape Victim Burned To Death


An Indian teenager was gang-raped in two separate attacks and then died after being set on fire, sparking protests in the eastern city of Kolkata (Calcutta), police said on Thursday.

The 16-year-old was assaulted first on October 26 and then again the day after by a group of more than six men near her family’s home in Madhyagram town, about 25 kilometres (15 miles) north of Kolkata. Continue reading

Snowden Breaks Silence for Condemnation

File:Edward Joseph Snowden - Arrival at Sheremetyevo International Airport 03.jpg

Ecuador embassy car in front of Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow on June 23, 2013 around the arrival of Edward Snowden. Author: Dmitry Rozhkov.

Former NSA contractor, Edward Snowden, has made a broad appeal for asylum to a number of countries around the globe, including Ireland. The requests were made to a number of countries including Austria, Bolivia, Brazil, China, Cuba, Finland, France, Germany, India, Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands, Nicaragua, Norway, Poland, Spain, Switzerland and Venezuala. Snowden recently withdrew his request for asylum in Russia, following comments by Vladimir Putin that he would only be welcomed in Russia if he discontinued “his work at bringing harm” to the US.

Continue reading

Campaign For Piers Morgan To Be Deported From The US

pmPiers Morgan is used to making enemies, I’m sure… but I bet he never thought he’d have thousands of people campaigning to have him kicked out of a country.

Morgan, who hosts a show on CNN, made some rather stand out comments regarding America’s gun control laws, following the tragic school shooting at Sandy Hook in Connecticut. He has claimed that the laws need to be changed and tightened significantly, and that citizens shouldn’t be allowed access to assault rifles. He interviewed the Executive Director of ‘Gun Owners of America’, Larry Pratt, and at one point during the interview, said to him “You’re an unbelievably stupid man, aren’t you?” He added Pratt was “Espousing nonsense” when he argued that the best way to combat this kind of crime was to have more guns.

After this, a petition was quickly started up to have Morgan removed from America, where he currently resides with his family. There are over one hundred thousand signatures so far – greatly smashing through the required 25,000 needed to force the White House to acknowledge and review the petition. The petition claims that Morgan is “attacking the Second Amendment”.

Most recently, a video sprung up on various social media platforms of a rather agitated Alex Jones on the CNN show. Morgan brought Jones in as he was one of the more prominant people behind the petition. In this interview, Jones engages in an extremely heated debate, during which he refuses to answer Morgan’s question about the difference in gun related deaths in the United Kingdom in comparison to the States. He responds with several nonsensical statements such as “chimpanzees dancing”, and the debate quickly descends into a wild rant. Jones states, “Hitler took the guns! Stalin took the guns! Mao took the guns! Fidel Castro took the guns! Hugo Chavez took the guns!”, before shouting “1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms!” and added that “we will not relinquish them … the republic will rise again if you try to take our guns!”

The video has been the subject of heated discussion on both sides. There was some support for Jones, while a lot of viewers also commented that Jones was unhinged, and possibly the reason America should not be allowed to have guns at all. Most recently, Jones came to media attention for claiming that the fatal gang rape of a 23 year old student in India could have been prevented, if she had a gun to defend herself.

You can view the video below…

World News: Berlusconi, Protistutes and More

Acting President sworn in after Tunisia riots

The country`s parliamentary speaker has taken over as interim president after violence forced the nation`s president to flee to Saudi Arabia. The Department of Foreign Affairs are currently trying to aid Irish people in the country in an effort to get them home. 

100 Feared dead after Indian Stampede

Up to 100 people are feared dead after a stampede at the Sabarimala Shrine in India. Large crowds had gathered to mark the start of the annual Hindu religious festival of Makaravilakku. 

 Wikipedia Celebrates 10th Birthday  

The online encyclopedia founded by Jimmy Wales has reached its milestone tenth birthday

Flood Efforts Continue

Rescue attempts are still ongoing after large floods have damaged large parts of Australia, Brazil and Sri Lanka. 

Berlusconi Facing Prostitute Investigation

The Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is being investigated after claims emerged that he paid for sex with an underage prostitute.

EU Freezes Ivory Coast Assets

The European Union has tightened sanctions against Ivory Coast’s incumbent leader Laurent Gbagbo, freezing the assets of the country’s main ports, the state oil firm and three banks.

Ryanair Boarding Pass Charge Illegal (Spain)

A judge in Spain has ruled that Ryanair cannot charge passengers for failing to print out their own boarding cards.