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The Hidden Price Of Household Gadgets


Perhaps there’s no solution to the problems the world faces. Perhaps all these supposed problems on energy depletion and climate change are a hoax, but you can choose to believe that everything’s a lie or stick to a truth and settle with that and avoid being punched by the people you accuse of lying, like that time when Buzz Aldrin punched a disrespectful man to his moonless face.

Fortunately, there is hope. Did you know there are babies right now who instinctively don’t cut their food to pieces before they swallow them? Did you know there’s an Innovation Article from The New Yorker that surveys today’s babies and the early signs of their potential in saving the Earth’s energy? That just makes you feel terrible, because you’re not as sensitive as they are. Don’t worry; it’s never too late. Here’s an infographic that can help you care about the world more. Who knows, you might be the next Edward Snowden or the next protagonist of Allan Hollinghurst’s next adaptation of a Nick Joaquin novel after you read stuff about your electric energy.

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