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News in Brief – Top College Unveils “Sex Toy” Sculpture


Apparently we’re all €100,000 better off, on paper (NIB is actually €3 gazillion better off on this if you print off this bit of paper), due to the rise in property prices. It’s all fictional, like the figures banks trade in every day, which in reality is made up of much more meagre funds, and they’re ours. But anyway, it’s good news!

A man has been banned from every pub in Dublin, after being picked up by Gardai for being drunk and disorderly. This story is not to be confused with the Bertie bashing last week, when former Taoiseach Ahern was given a whack round the earlobes by another punter with a crutch. Although perhaps banning Bertie from every pub in Dublin would prevent similar problems in the future. Just an idea. Continue reading

Independent Evaluation Reveals JobBridge Flaws

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An independent evaluation carried out on Ireland’s national internship scheme, JobBridge, has found that three in five people who undertake internships through the scheme have found employment afterwards. The evaluation, which was carried out by Indecon Economic Consultants shows that 61 per cent of interns moved on to paid employment following completion of their internship.

The Government has consistently placed their full support and backing behind the scheme. Speaking on the findings of the report, Taoiseach Enda Kenny said: “The Government has an ambitious plan to modernise and improve our work activation services as part of our Pathways to Work strategy. JobBridge was a key early scheme to help deliver on this agenda. It is now clear that JobBridge is delivering for thousands of jobseekers by providing them with valuable opportunities to gain relevant work experience, knowledge and skills in a workplace environment. The fact that three in five interns gain employment following the scheme is a testament to the potential that exists in providing new work activation services to jobseekers and employers.”

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