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News in Brief – Hacked Off Brendan Drops A Howler


‘Has there been bugging? What’s bugging? Am I a bug?’ Minister Brendan Howlin asked assembled journalists in relation to Garda Ombudsman ’eaves-dropping’ to put it nicely, or phone-hacking. It seems Brendan was at a loss as to what exactly had happened inside the offices of the Garda Ombudsman or where in fact he was.

Where are you? Abroad? Australia or Canada, the promised lands? Well if ye are, ye need to learn to speak proper. According to RTE journalist and voice of the Luas (!) Doireann Ni Bhriain mispronouncing certain words could get you in trouble, when trying to settle abroad. Instead of tay you must say tea, three instead of tree and diddly-ie diddly-ie diddly-ie dee ever time you enter a room, just so everyone knows where you’re from. Continue reading

Irish In Exile #4 Padhraic Duffy

Unlike many young Irish emigrants, Padhraic “Podge” Duffy’s recent emigration to Australia had little to do with a search for personal adventure or job opportunities.

Instead, the birth of his daughter to his Australian partner prompted the 23-year-old Lucan native to consider what was best for his family, and a move to the other side of the world was soon being planned.

Recalling the circumstances leading up to his 2012 move, he says: “It wasn’t like I had a deep desire to live in Australia that drew me to its shores. Continue reading

Irish In Exile #1 : Nicki Kelly

Nicki Kelly is a 27-year-old from Kildare whose life has taken on dramatic new dimensions since she first left for Australia in 2010.

While the business graduate left behind many of the things that were comforting and familiar at home, she has embarked on an exciting journey that has not only provided her with countless life-long memories, but has also led her to finding love, and an even greater appreciation of the family and friends she left behind. Continue reading