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Irish Artist Aims For New Beginning In Germany


Many feel that their prospects are best enhanced by sticking to everyday norms. Be that the space they occupy, the daily tasks they fulfill or simply the people they associate themselves with. There’s nothing to say that operating within one’s comfort zone is a flawed system but stepping outside the box can open up a whole new world of opportunities. Irish singer and songwriter Greg Clifford has opted to make a break for Europe in the hopes of establishing himself further as an artist and to explore what one can achieve from stepping away from familiar territory.

We caught up with Greg to get an insight into his personality and music career and to see exactly what Germany has to offer the blossoming music career of a rising Irish artist.

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Clifford Launches New Confessions EP


Dublin native Greg Clifford recently released his new Confessions EP, his third EP in fifteen months which he has complimented with his self titled debut album.

We caught up with the former Elavator front man to discuss his new three track EP, which was released on November 22nd, to see what lies ahead for him in 2014.

1) What was your inspiration for writing Confessions?

I wished to produce an honest EP, incorporating lyrics that are real and important to me, while allowing a predominantly acoustic soundworld to prevail. I wanted to create cohesion between my gigs and the studio efforts. Earlier studio releases of mine didn’t always reflect how or what I performed to live audiences.

The single ‘Confessions Of A Man’ is autobiographical. Like most, I’ve been guilty in the past of appearances and bravado (quite a male trait), but this song is a reaction to the bullshit. I wrote this song when I found myself in a place of serenity and clarity. All sub-conscious disguises were dropped. ‘Take Off Your Mask’ is similar in regards subject matter in that all too often people hide behind appearances, routine and safety. I feel as a nation we’re too accepting of authority. It’s okay to question and rattle a few cages! What’s the worst that can happen! I also feel we allow ourselves become too receptive to lies and garbage TV. It numbs the senses. So this song is an amalgamation of these concepts and realisations. I regard the lyrics as the best I’ve ever penned. ‘Wandering Man’ is, as the title suggests, about a wandering man! It’s based on a travelling musician I encountered once by the name of Felix Sunnyboy Wilson. A real bohemian in nature,objecting preconceived ‘norms’. I dig that. Continue reading

Clifford To Launch New EP At The Mercantile

gregGreg Clifford returns to the Dublin stage on Saturday June 1st to launch his new album entitled The Temple Lane Recordings.

Fresh from launching his debut album last December, the unique soloist returns with seven new tracks, supported by the ever reliable Ciaran Brennan and a session band.

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