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Why Ross Is Still The Boss, Roysh.


Ross O’Carroll Kelly has entertained us for so long now, so what better way to spread some festive cheer by charting some of his most memorable quotes. There’s a few Christmas crackers in here.

I end up letting her believe we’re, like, an item, but I tell her that if we’re going to, like, give this thing a proper crack, we’re going to have to be PONPA for the time being, as in Private Only, No Public Appearances, just because of all the pressure that’s going to come on us from all sides, bullshit bullshit bullshit. I don’t know how I keep a straight face sometimes She was pretty alroysh looking, I have to say, went out three or four times and got on fine, until this one particular day, roysh, when we were driving back to her gaff after being at the cinema and she said those dreaded words: I don’t believe in sex before marriage. I basically told her to get the fock out of the cor. Don’t get me wrong, roysh, I pulled over first. She was there, Ross, I live miles from here.? And I was loike, There’s a bus stop over there. Use it. Continue reading

Having A Cracking Time: The Big Egg Hunt 2013

Egg Hunt jpegOn strolling into Dundrum Shopping Centre on Wednesday morning, I noticed something slightly amiss with the local scenery. Three large beautifully painted Easter eggs had taken up residence on plinths by the Mill Pond. This, I felt called for further (and immediate) investigation, for where there is an Easter egg, then surely chocolate would not be far away… Continue reading

RTE Stars ‘Struggling’ Despite Huge Salaries

As we all know, concern with public pay levels and expenditure has become matters of grave concern amongst the Irish people these days, and rightly so, considering it is their money that is taken.

Recently, RTE have come under fire over the levels of salary paid to their top broadcasters. Unsurprisingly, the PR machine has swung into full effect. Paul Allen, writing in the Irish Independent argues that when it comes to Pat Kenny, Ryan Tubridy and their ilk, we get value for money. These megastars, Allen counters, are of such supreme quality that we must foist our money upon them, in the hope that they won’t take the ship to England as Terry Wogan and Eamonn Andrews did before them. And, in comments which must be viewed twice, to ensure they aren’t satirical, Noel Kelly, the so-called ‘superagent’ interceded on behalf of his clients, insisting “some of the talent can’t afford to pay their bills or bloody mortgages with what they earn… we have people struggling like everyone else, trying to get an interest-only mortgage and not being able to get one, having to sell their car. This idea of them living in this ivory tower on huge wages is simply not true.”

Perhaps it is a sign of a culture of entitlement, still hanging on by the skin of its teeth after the abrupt departure of the Celtic Tiger, refusing to break down and die. According to figures RTE have finally agreed to publish, Pat Kenny is paid in the region of €630,000, Ryan Tubridy earns €283,000, while Joe Duffy received a paltry €389,000 in 2009. To put these figures in context, Enda Kenny receives €200,000 for running the Irish country through the economic recession. His European counterparts, Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy, were paid €228,000 and €232,000, respectively, in 2009 and the leader of the free world, Barack Obama, received about €293,000 for his efforts.

It is a sign of madness when an ‘entertainer’ like Joe Duffy commands a far higher salary than some of the most powerful politicians in Europe and the world. Barack Obama balances the economic recession crippling his country with on-going large scale conflicts across the Middle East. Joe Duffy allows people to complain on live radio for several hours every afternoon. Ryan Tubridy has lost his charm and is completely out of his depth with his radio and television viewership taking a nosedive since he came onboard. Perhaps a move to the BBC would give his career a much need boost. And while Pat Kenny possesses skill in the current affairs arena, his remuneration is highly flawed regardless of whether he ‘works very hard’ or not.

They do a job and deserve to be paid for it. To a limited extent. The idea, however, that these stars on high wages are suffering as much as the next man is a joke, and one which will do more to tarnish their reputation amongst the people rather than rebuild it. The simple fact is, the Irish people are sick and tired of passing their hard earned money to those who do not deserve it. And, of these people, it would seem, RTE has more than their fair share.