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IFTA Reveals Shortlist Of Nominees


The Irish Film and Television Academy have announced the shortlist of nominees in 40 strongly contested categories for the 11th annual Irish Film and Television Awards, which takes place on Saturday 5th April at the DoubleTree at Hilton Burlington Road and broadcast primetime on RTÉ ONE (reaching 1.24 Million viewers last year).

Nominations are announced in categories across film and television, celebrating the highest standard of Irish talent over the past twelve months. All IFTA’s categories have been shortlisted by Members of the Irish Film & Television Academy alongside a select Jury panel of industry experts from around the world.  IFTA received 311 titles submitted for consideration in the 2013 Awards. Continue reading

The Guard Set For DVD Release

The critically acclaimed Irish film “The Guard” is set to be released on DVD on November 18th.

Brendan Gleeson stars as Sergeant Gerry Boyle, a mildly corrupt, massively vulgar and open racist. Garda Boyle lives alone and appears more interested in visiting his mother and drinking than in doing actual, honest police work.

This entertaining movie offers more than what is apparent. Many expect a run of the mill story about a veteran police officer who has no interest in anything yet they are met with Boyle who gets roped into investigating a drug smuggling ring that has engulfed his small Irish town. 

The box office hit sees Boyle bounce off co star Don Cheadle who plays Wendell Everitt , an FBI agent who’s come to town to investigate the aforementioned drug-smuggling ring that’s moved in. 

The duo enjoy a frosty relationship with Wendell viewing  Boyle as little more than a racist and a bore, and would take a little joy in repeatedly defying Boyle’s racist assumptions about him if they didn’t get him so fired up. Their investigation follows mostly predictable beats but, again, that’s not the point of the film.

Cheadle is (as always) excellent, and Fionnula Flanagan is similarly great in her few scenes as Boyle’s equally vulgar mother. But this is Gleeson’s film, and he’s excellent, from the moments of quiet reaction and reflection to the serious but comedic actions.

The film has proved to be a great debut for Writer and director John Michael McDonagh, who is the older brother of In Brugges director Martin McDonagh.

The plot may not be anything new, but the dialogue is consistently sharp and amusing (as long as you don’t mind the accents and excessive vulgarities) and Cheadle and Gleeson bounce off each other with their quick wit and sincere charm.