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Rody Seeks To Unearth The Chefs Of The Future

French chef, Rody Warot, has launched his Michelin Exchange Programme – the first of its kind – with a dual aim; to meet his own mission of safeguarding the future of gastronomic excellence and to facilitate the dreams of fledgling gourmands.

“We are passionate about helping those who are under 21 and currently working in a Relais Chateaux or Michelin-starred restaurant to travel abroad, expand their repertoire and broaden their culinary horizons, ” says Rody Warot.  The Michelin Exchange Programme is an innovative addition to Rody’s business, Live Restaurant; the ethos of which is informed by the French chef’s extensive travels. Continue reading

News in Brief-Benedict Packs It In As Meteor Shower Strikes Russia

russiaWe’re all still talking about horses this week as it seems equine DNA is turning up in everything from lasagne to the Vatican where even the Pope has been taken off the shelf. Old Benedict has decided it’s time to stop tuning in to the big fella upstairs, he’s had enough of his rubbish horse meat jokes. Continue reading

News in Brief: Ryanair Boss Lashes Out As Prince Willy Gets Set To Be A Daddy

Pregnant: Willie Wasted No Time

Pregnant: Willie Wasted No Time

An Garda Síochána to the rescue! The guards saved the day in a movie like sting this week just as a poor pensioner was about to be duped out of €5000 in a tarmacadam scam. In a crack down on fraudsters, uniform and armed officers (all with pants over tights of course and, News in Brief likes to imagine, accompanied by the Batman and Robin theme tune) were out in Waterford where they prevented the frail gentleman from parting with his cash in the nick of time. The suspects scarpered.

A former Fianna Fail councillor and chairman at IT Tralee has been defamed by no less than 26 professors who claim he plagiarised chunks of his thesis. This thesis makes up part of a degree paid for from his allowance from Clare County Council.

In some cases, the angered lectures allege, large pieces of the work by Flan Garvey are identical to previously published sources, including a whopping fourteen page segment that first appeared in a text from 1965. Mr Garvey certainly doesn’t get any honours.

Michael O’Leary has rained on the Gathering parade with a bizarre air of superiority (forgetting it’s himself that’ll be shipping tourists in to the economy boosting scheme).

Nothing if not controversial, the Ryanair boss has labelled the event scheduled for 2013 ‘The Grabbing’ criticising the increased taxes at Dublin Airport which will hit him directly. James O’Reilly, chairman of the World Mini Games that are coming to Cork next year (watch out Rio!) told O’Leary to ’cut out the negative bullshit’ a sentiment News in Brief shares but hopes Michael doesn’t take to mean toilets, seat cushions and pilots from all future flights.

Raindrops keep falling on my tent. It is the biggest tourist hub in the country and it’s also the wettest. Now Killarney is set to be covered in a giant heavy-duty, tent-like canopy so shoppers and tourists alike can keep dry while out and about. Local engineer Paudie O’Mahoney has devised the plan to cover the streets and encourage more “outdoor activities”, indoors. In a worrying prophecy Mr O’Mahoney said, ’I can see it taking off all over the country’. News in Brief isn’t keen on camping . . .

The biggest news story this week is of course the budget. If you were hoping for a Christmas miracle, forget it.
Millionaires will be targeted as will those at the other end of the spectrum earning under €18,000. Politicians will face stricter rules on expenses. Cigarettes, alcohol and fuel are all going up in price. Child benefit will be cut by €10 and medical card holders will see a rise in the prices they pay by 100%. Car tax is going up, dole will be cut, oh and elderly people will be given the chance to pay the property tax on their home from beyond the grave. And good will to all men.

“Last week she got a fringe, this week she’s growing her heir”. Kate Middleton, the future Queen, announced she is preggers. Some tabloids saw it coming when she got a new do – most women traditionally opt for a loose-fitting top, she went for a fringe. Anyway the poor old Princess was hospitalised with severe morning sickness. She was discharged last night although once she sees the papers she might need another visit.
While the Daily Mail speculated on what this meant for the context of those topless photos, on Twitter everyone was getting excited about the prospect of a Half Blood Prince. @RoyalFetus was born almost instantly with such insights as ‘burp’ and ‘I may not have bones yet but I’m already more important than everyone reading this’. Funny and true.

News in Brief-Divorced Couple Battle Over Titanic Replica As Clooney’s Irish Ancestry Is Cast Aside

The biggest story of the week has to be The Irish Daily Star rather losing its shine after publishing controversial pictures of a topless Kate Middleton, a.k.a. future Queen the Duchess of Cambridge. Richard Desmond, well-known for his penchant for publishing -cough porn cough-, and 50% share owner has decided to cut his losses with the Irish branch of his newspaper empire after what Communications Minister Pat Rabbitte called its “lapse in taste”. Rabbitte who was rampant on RTE’s John Murray show claimed Desmond had overreacted before suggesting the Star knows what taste is.

The best things in life are free, including a University degree or so one student in Mayo thought. Anna Marie Flanagan, a mature nursing student has been banned from attending lectures at Galway Mayo Institute of Technology after failing her first year but continuing to show up.

Despite being ineligible to continue the course Ms Flanagan was not deterred and still attended lectures and lessons in what has been described as a “disruptive for other students”. She has subsequently had an order placed on her to prevent her doing any further study or turning up at GMIT.

She may be the first of many students on the make if Phil Hogan’s new incentive is approved. The Environment minister has given the go ahead (“didn’t ask” but “fully supports”) to local councils to withhold vital grants for third level students whose parents have not paid the household charge.

Did you enjoy the London 2012 Games? Did it inspire you to make some summer resolutions, get fit for Christmas? Don’t get your runners out too quick. Before you get carried away apparently the Olympics will have no impact in inspiring us to get off the sofa or on obesity levels long-term. Previous Games have not caused an “Olympic effect” according to Doctor Niamh Murphy, director of the centre for health behaviour research at Waterford Institute of Technology. Former international athlete, Dr Murphy said efforts to tackle obesity in Ireland were short-term, disconnected and uncoordinated; “everyone is doing stuff in their own silos”. As London 2012 fades from our minds so too will any ideas about taking up judo, javelin or becoming a Jamaican sprinter.

Wednesday saw the tenth anniversary of ’Speak Like a Pirate Day’ on which people are encouraged to add the odd oohh arr aye shipmates into everyday conversation. County Wexford took this literally by becoming the smuggling hub of the country. A €1.5 million haul of smuggled cigarettes was found in Enniscorthy town giving them the unofficial title of smuggler’s cove. County wide cigarette sales are down up to twenty percent,  which is being blamed on illegal trade. So if a man with a parrot on his shoulder offers you some cheap fags tell him to walk the plank.

A one happy couple in Cork have watched their relationship go down like a sinking ship, like the Titanic actually. Hungarian national Zoltan Panka and ex- Carmel McGrath, are caught in a vicious dispute over who gets their handmade, 16ft, Titanic replica. Ms McGrath accused MR Panka of taking the ship from her house without permission whilst Mr Panka counter claimed owner-ship (get it?!) Ms McGrath then stated it was she that paid costs to build the boat and has secured a court order to prevent him from selling it. Mr Panka claims he has since received abusive text messages from McGrath and had no intention of selling the ship which is worth about €70,000. For goodness sake, Rose and Jack they ain’t this feud will go on and on.

George Clooney isn’t from Abbeyleix. I know, I know, it’s devastating. This “news” comes from genealogy company Eneclann, based at Trinity College, and is in dispute with earlier genealogists who traced George back to Co Laois. It was believed George’s relatives were forced to leave their ancestral home in Kilkenny due to the famine but what do you know? They weren’t. We’ll all sleep well tonight.

Unless you have a sore head. It turns out people who take pain killers could in fact be giving themselves headaches. Nice, (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) highlights new research showing those that use painkillers more than ten days out of a month, in cases of ’medication over-use’, can exacerbate tension headaches and migraines. Not so nice.

Atrocity of `74 remembered in 2011, or is it?

The much publicised visit of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth the second will commence tomorrow, and in doing so it will see the first visit to Ireland by a British monarch since the country earned it’s independence in 1921. 

The newly elected government have opted to bring over the Queen and US President Barack Obama a week later to show the world that Ireland is open for business and that the country continues to be the land of ten thousand welcomes. 

The visit of Elizabeth Windsor has virtually locked down the entire region in and around Dublin City centre with severe traffic restrictions now in place and many places been closed off to the public. If last month’s Royal Wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William was to show a new view of the royals as been closer to the people, then this visit totally contradicts that. Not one well wisher (and there are many) will be allowed a sniff of the very air the Queen breathes.

 There are many that will protest this visit of the British Monarch and rightly so. There are both right and wrong reasons for her making this trip along with British Prime Minister David Cameron. 

Beginning with the positive aspect of this historical visit, it has endeared our nation to the world. A nation, who fought for its freedom from its noisy neighbours and a nation that is now willing to move on and forget the violent turmoil of the past. Ireland view England as our greatest trade partners and Taoiseach Enda Kenny has continually labelled Ireland as open for business. The view of this visit has been largely positive by all corners of Irish society with a few exceptions. The trip may well enhance our business prospects with our friends from across the Irish sea, but perhaps the trip will do more bad than good.

 Possible terror on our streets, restricted movement for everybody, not too mention evoking terrible memories for many. 

The story of Ireland in the early part of the 1900s was best told through the tales of uprising and civil war, a battle for freedom and an identity of our own. Fast forward to 2011 and the story of Ireland is radically different. The Emerald Isle has gone from boom to bust in the space of ten years and now find’s itself subject to large influence by the International Monetary Fund and some of Europe’s bigger nations. Indeed we borrowed from Britain.

 With a huge loan of almost €80 billion to be paid back for our bailout, why, in these gloomy economic times, are we spending €30 million on the visit of the Queen and Obama when some sectors of our society are roaring out for investment. Our health system is a joke. Our unemployment level is a joke. Our leadership has, is and seemingly always will be a joke.

 Yes, tight security is essential owing to the large threat posed by dissident forces operating on this island but €30 million has essentially been thrown down the drain to have a British monarch parade on these shores. This is a symbolic trip but at this time Ireland needs more than this, much more. 

How significant is this trip? A lot of people have mentioned that this trip is highly significant for everyone involved with the country however few have spoken about it’s timing. 

May 17th 1974. Simultaneous bombings rip through Dublin and Monaghan leading to the death of 33 innocent civilians and wounding up to 300 more. It is alleged that the British government under the guidance of the Queen played a role in these bombings along with the Ulster Volunteer Force. 

What thought did the leaders of this country give to those 33 civilians who died that day when they invited the Queen over on the 37th anniversary of the attacks? Why dance on the graves of those innocent victims of the car bombing atrocities? Why not wait for a better time? Why not wait until the recession is over? 

No protests in Dublin will be allowed to go ahead while the Queen is here with Gardaì enforcing strict measures against potential protesters. No justice has ever been brought for the dead and the British government continue to withhold key files that the victim’s families so desperately crave. 

Those families have written a letter to the Queen and Cameron in an attempt for them to end the secrecy but will their letter ever get into the hands of the leading British figures?

Queen Expected to Visit in May

QUEEN ELIZABETH II’s visit to Ireland, the first to Dublin by a reigning British monarch for more than 100 years, is expected to take place over three days in May.

Discussions on the timing of the visit has delayed her trip however talks between the British embassy and Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny are believed to be at an advanced stage.

The decision to brief Mr Kenny is taken as he is widely regarded as the favourite to be the next Taoiseach, succeeding Brian Cowen. However an official invitation to the Queen has not yet been extended.

So far no locations have been finalised, partly for security reasons. However,  the queen is widely tipped to make a speech in Dublin Castle on relations between the two countries.

The Taoiseach began the process of inviting the queen when he met British prime minister David Cameron in Downing Street last June.

The planned invitation is strongly backed by President Mary McAleese, who leaves office later this year.

The timing of the visit has been complicated by the wedding of Prince Charles’s son, Prince William, to Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey on April 29th.

Mrs McAleese, whose term of office ends on November 10th, has a number of appointments in her diary, including a State visit by Prince Albert of Monaco, to Ireland in April.

The President, meanwhile, will make two State visits of her own: to Spain in late March and to the Netherlands in early May. The presidential election, if one is necessary, will occur in October, although no date has yet been fixed.