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News in Brief-Irish Lap Up Weather As Boris Rejects GAA Invite

ORANGE WARNING: IT’S too hot! The EU has ruled Ireland must enter Summer austerity as the heat wave continues leaving some parts of the Island hotter than popular holiday destinations and a severe shortage of paddling pools. Met Eireann’s expert Harm Luijkx accounted for the heat, it’s due to : ’long periods of sunshine every day.’ Tax the sun, tax the sun! NIB warned this day would come! Continue reading

All-Ireland SFC: Kerry Battle Cork In Killarney

File:Cork stadium.JPG

Cork vs Kerry, Munster semi final 2012.

Munster Senior Football Final

Cork v Kerry

Cork and Kerry resume their traditional meeting in the Munster Championship in this year’s final in Killarney. Cork overcame a decent Clare performance in the semi-final while Kerry cruised past Waterford in their semi-final. Cork will be hoping Daniel Goulding can get big scores in Killarney and to try to upset their Munster rivals. Kerry playing at home will be a daunting task for Cork or any other team. Kerry still have the firepower to beat any team in the country with the likes of Colm Cooper and Declan O’Sullivan, but may not have the same ability to finish off teams in the closing stages. This will be a close game for both teams and I wouldn’t be surprised if it finished in a draw. Home advantage will be crucial and it would be hard to see Kerry losing at home.

Verdict: Kerry

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News in Brief: Ryanair Boss Lashes Out As Prince Willy Gets Set To Be A Daddy

Pregnant: Willie Wasted No Time

Pregnant: Willie Wasted No Time

An Garda Síochána to the rescue! The guards saved the day in a movie like sting this week just as a poor pensioner was about to be duped out of €5000 in a tarmacadam scam. In a crack down on fraudsters, uniform and armed officers (all with pants over tights of course and, News in Brief likes to imagine, accompanied by the Batman and Robin theme tune) were out in Waterford where they prevented the frail gentleman from parting with his cash in the nick of time. The suspects scarpered.

A former Fianna Fail councillor and chairman at IT Tralee has been defamed by no less than 26 professors who claim he plagiarised chunks of his thesis. This thesis makes up part of a degree paid for from his allowance from Clare County Council.

In some cases, the angered lectures allege, large pieces of the work by Flan Garvey are identical to previously published sources, including a whopping fourteen page segment that first appeared in a text from 1965. Mr Garvey certainly doesn’t get any honours.

Michael O’Leary has rained on the Gathering parade with a bizarre air of superiority (forgetting it’s himself that’ll be shipping tourists in to the economy boosting scheme).

Nothing if not controversial, the Ryanair boss has labelled the event scheduled for 2013 ‘The Grabbing’ criticising the increased taxes at Dublin Airport which will hit him directly. James O’Reilly, chairman of the World Mini Games that are coming to Cork next year (watch out Rio!) told O’Leary to ’cut out the negative bullshit’ a sentiment News in Brief shares but hopes Michael doesn’t take to mean toilets, seat cushions and pilots from all future flights.

Raindrops keep falling on my tent. It is the biggest tourist hub in the country and it’s also the wettest. Now Killarney is set to be covered in a giant heavy-duty, tent-like canopy so shoppers and tourists alike can keep dry while out and about. Local engineer Paudie O’Mahoney has devised the plan to cover the streets and encourage more “outdoor activities”, indoors. In a worrying prophecy Mr O’Mahoney said, ’I can see it taking off all over the country’. News in Brief isn’t keen on camping . . .

The biggest news story this week is of course the budget. If you were hoping for a Christmas miracle, forget it.
Millionaires will be targeted as will those at the other end of the spectrum earning under €18,000. Politicians will face stricter rules on expenses. Cigarettes, alcohol and fuel are all going up in price. Child benefit will be cut by €10 and medical card holders will see a rise in the prices they pay by 100%. Car tax is going up, dole will be cut, oh and elderly people will be given the chance to pay the property tax on their home from beyond the grave. And good will to all men.

“Last week she got a fringe, this week she’s growing her heir”. Kate Middleton, the future Queen, announced she is preggers. Some tabloids saw it coming when she got a new do – most women traditionally opt for a loose-fitting top, she went for a fringe. Anyway the poor old Princess was hospitalised with severe morning sickness. She was discharged last night although once she sees the papers she might need another visit.
While the Daily Mail speculated on what this meant for the context of those topless photos, on Twitter everyone was getting excited about the prospect of a Half Blood Prince. @RoyalFetus was born almost instantly with such insights as ‘burp’ and ‘I may not have bones yet but I’m already more important than everyone reading this’. Funny and true.

Sheehy Confident of Killarney Factor

Mikey Sheehy has claimed that home advantage could give Kerry the upper hand over Tyrone in Saturday’s All-Ireland football qualifier.

The Kerry legend is also expecting his home county to kick back after their lucky evasion of an embarrassing defeat in Mullingar last weekend.

He is quoted in the Irish Independent as saying “It doesn’t come much harder, does it? If this game was in Omagh – or a neutral venue for that matter – I’d be sceptical about Kerry’s chances.”

“But since it’s in Killarney, I’d be expecting a huge backlash from the Kerry lads. They know how big this game is. The whole county is talking about it. We’re not used to being out of championship in July, so the pressure is on to make sure it doesn’t happen.

“The Kerry supporter in me would believe there’s another big kick in the squad – there will need to be because the level of performance against Tipperary, Cork and Westmeath wouldn’t be anywhere near high enough to beat Tyrone. There was a lot missing in all three games and it has to be sorted out or else the season will be over on Saturday.”

Sheehy added that it will not take a lot of inspiration to motivate the Kerry footballers against Tyrone. The O’ Neill county have been a thorn in the side of the Munster men for over a decade now, with the All-Ireland final of 2006 still living vividly in both sides’ minds.

“The Kerry lads have a ferocious incentive to win this one. That won’t win a game on its own, but it’s a big help. So, too, is home advantage. The Kerry support will get behind the team in a big way because they know the importance of this game.”

“This is as big a qualifier game as we’ve ever had. It’s great for the championship, but one very big name will be gone by Saturday. I hope it’s not Kerry.”

Meanwhile, Kerry and Tyrone supporters are being encouraged to get to Fitzgerald Stadium well in time for Saturday’s vital All-Ireland football qualifier. A crowd of 25,000 is expected and there are fears that the match may be delayed if fans do not respect the throw-in time of 3pm.