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U2 boys return home to continue work on new album

U2 frontman Bono, along with his fellow band mates, were spotted at their Hanover Quay recording studio over the weekend. Their return to their Dublin base seems to indicate that they are finally getting back to work on their problematic 13th studio album. This, of course, has excited many fans who have been left in limbo waiting for the completion of the groups much anticipated new work!

The atmosphere was friendly outside the studio on Friday as Bono casually greeted fans, posed for pictures and signed autographs. He even took the time to inspect the new graffiti that constantly adorns the outer walls of the studio. However, there is no secret regarding the mounting anxiety facing the band over their new album. Plans for the ambitious album were announced in early 2010 with an expected release date sometime during 2011. However the year is nearly at a close and the album is nowhere near completion?

This is partly due to the bands many side projects which have significantly taken away from their studio time. Both Bono and the Edge were involved in the production of the new Spiderman musical ‘Turn off the dark’. The show, which premiered back in June, featured original music composed by the U2 duo. Then of course, there was the epic 360 tour which grossed an impressive $700 million! Obviously a great financial success for the boys, however with Bono’s back surgery significantly disrupting the tour, the lads have struggled to make up more than 20 missed tour dates.

Perhaps more significant than time delays, were the delays to the bans creative process. The upcoming album was meant to include several collaborations with well know musicians and producers. The main contributors being Gnarls Barkley, Danger Mouse and producer RedOne. However, in a rather candid interview earlier this year, U2 bassist Adam Clayton admitted that their recording sessions with RedOne were “not working” and that most of his material will be scrapped from the upcoming album.

For many die hard U2 fans this may come as welcomed news. With RedOne mostly know for his work with Lady Gaga and Jenifer Lopez, a joint musical venture with the U2 boys seems like a slightly mis-matched combination. This will most likely mean that songs featuring David Guetta and will also be dropped form the new album.

Thankfully, a new release date has been suggested for late 2012. This means that the band will have to put in some marathon time at the recording studio if they want to meet the predicted deadline. However, with the band settling back into Hanover Quay, a place that has brought them much creative success since the mid 1990s, there should hopefully be a successful end in sight for the longstanding project.