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Letters in February: it’s #LetterMo time again

lwI know we are not yet clear of January but I am already looking ahead to February’s comparatively brief span. The reason for all of this eagerness is that the second month of the year has been designated as ‘letter-writing season’. If you are even the slightest bit intrigued by that idea, then read on:

Last year I participated in the ‘Month of Letters’ challenge set up by American writer Mary Robinette Kowal, although I discovered the challenge too late to be able to begin on time. I enjoyed making the effort to write more letters and postcards to family and friends than I usually manage. Most people I know still love to have something more cheering than a utility bill plopping onto their doormat in the morning. And in this year of ‘The Gathering’ it seems a good idea to get writing to all of those friends and relatives overseas.

The challenge is to post at least one item of mail per day (excluding Sundays, and if you are in the States, February’s Public Holiday) be it a letter, postcard, magazine cutting or a photograph. You can wax artistic and inventive in your efforts in the sure knowledge that your recipients will be impressed. Mary Kowal set up a WordPress site for last year’s challenge participants, which is still going strong.

All you do to join in with Lettermo is to register your details with the site and you can even leave your postal address (accessible only to members) if you would like to receive mail. The Lettermo site has a forum so you can share your experiences with a fellow scribbler. One of the members last year designed a badge in the form of a stamp which you can download and print off to use on your envelopes to proclaim your involvement. This year, the design is available as a postcard, which you can purchase. The money raised from the sale of the cards goes to support the site.

I am getting started already by compiling a list of people to whom to send friendly missives, focussing particularly on folks outside Ireland that I usually only contact via Facebook. Next on my list are friends that have fled Dublin for the delights of Galway. By the end of February I will dropping postcards in the box for friends living down the road. I am also hoping to receive a few letters in return to brighten the winter a little bit.

Now surely it makes a change from email. Go on, why not give it a go!

Take a look at  for full details and downloads.