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News in Brief- Giant Snowman Kidnapped From Wicklow As Cork Councillor Suggests Remedy For Doggy Dirt

snowyJust call him Leveson Walsh, old Louis’s fought press laws and he’s won. The X Factor judge has this week settled a €500,000 defamation action against News Group Newspapers in Ireland. This comes alongside the results of the Lord Justice Leveson inquiry into press standards in the UK. The full four volume work was published yesterday and could see the papers going quiet over the water. But not News in Brief. No, we shall continue un-rumbled by the regulators for a while at least.

It’s not even the 1st of December but Santa and his helpers are on red alert. Particularly in County Wicklow where Snowy, the imaginatively named, giant snowman has gone missing and up to five hundred Christmas trees have also been nabbed.

Growers are employing extra security and even installing CCTV to protect their pines. But for poor Snowy it was too little, too late. Last seen wearing a black hat and carrot nose, the sixty foot inflatable worth approximately €3000, went missing from his home above a shop on Fitzwilliam street in the town. Although there have been some reported sightings nothing has been confirmed.

Enda nearly had egg on his face yesterday as students protested against grants cuts at University College Dublin. The Taoiseach who was visiting the university to launch their new sports centre narrowly avoided the missiles. Members of Free Education for Everyone who were involved in orchestrating the demonstration accused Mr Kenny’s budget of targeting societies most vulnerable. A worthy cause, but who’ll stand up for cannon fodder, those poor innocent chickens?

Some say he can smell dogs mess from four miles away. Some say his family call him the Super Pooper Scooper. All we know is that a councillor in Cork wants to start DNA testing dogs mess in an effort to crack down on pavement foulers! Cllr Kevin O’Keeffe (FF) raised the issue at a recent council meeting after researching similar methods used in the US.

Apparently any accidents at Sellafield nuclear site would have no ill effects on Ireland according to a new report but News in Brief fears it may be too late. Earlier this week another two Jedwards, clones (all right if you’ve seen them that’s questionable) of the original two were unleashed on the world! A Jedquad if you will. It’s OK though the two new Grimes’ are only wax works at the National Wax Museum in Dublin. We hope.

And finally Newstalk radio posed an interesting question during the week. Do Protestants put the toaster in the press overnight? Answers on a postcard.

Space for rent. Cheap rates. Would suit professionals in the British media. Fully furnished with space for free speech, features and articles. No Independent regulators or politicians need apply.

News in Brief-Beauty Queen Stripped Of Crown While Murdoch May Lose More

This week Miss Ireland, Marie Hughes, has been stripped of her crown after ruling for less than a week. The cut off age for entering the competition is 24 – Miss Mayo Marie will be 26 at her next birthday. Initially the decision to dethrone Hughes sparked a rush to her defence. How had the judges let her get so far in the contest?

Turns out Marie’s conscience was not as clear as her complexion. Miss Hughes refused to give any interviews after being crowned on Saturday raising some suspicion. On investigation it was discovered, that on her application her age was listed as 21. 
After her true age was exposed her crown was handed down to runner up Rebecca Maguire, 20, from Belfast who will go on to represent Ireland in the Miss World Pageant while Marie was left to test her waterproof mascara on the front page of numerous newspapers. Is that fake tan I can smell or a reality tv career? A ‘tell-all’ magazine expose? It’s certainly not success!
An original copy of The Importance of Being Earnest by the eponymous Irish author Oscar Wilde has been sold at auction in New York for $362,500. The book, produced in 1899, contains a handwritten note to Robert Ross a lifelong friend of the author. Also auctioned this week was Edvard Munch’s The Scream that reached a massive $120million at auction, making it the most expensive painting in the world.
Just where does one find $120million to spend on a painting? One attendee of the sale explained what the painting meant to him:’For me, (it) shows the horrifying moment when man realizes his impact on nature and the irreversible changes that he has initiated, making the planet increasingly uninhabitable.’
Perhaps Rupert Murdoch may soon be screaming. Mr Murdoch has this week been labelled ‘not fit’ to run a major international organisation, by the Commons culture committee. The media mogul, 81, may now be regretting his impressive acting talents in front of Leveson when he played the part of a senile old sod. It seems his convenient inability to remember important details of his business may now mean, like Marie Hughes he is deposed.
If you can’t quite stretch to $120million, a housing estate in Cavan has been sold at auction at a more bank balance friendly €122,500 (practically pocket money). The lot which includes three unfinished houses and four acres has been bought by a builder from Northern Ireland who wants to remain anonymous. A secret owner at the old ghost estate? Sounds like a case for Scooby and the gang.
A 74 year old Meath woman was left un-fit to enjoy her Italian holiday after a sun lounger she was sitting on collapsed beneath her. Forcing her to spend the rest of her week inside after suffering a minor head injury. She was awarded €38,000 after suing a Dublin based travel agency that is bound to make her recovery all the sweeter as will the thought of plenty more holidays in the sun. Perhaps in the future she’ll play it safe and go ski-ing.
Andrea Corr has called her new baby daughter Jean. A fitting tribute to the Corr’s mother, Jean, who died of a rare lung disease aged just 57. Disappointing in the celebrity baby name stakes though. Thankfully, however Peaches Geldof has redressed the balance taken naming her new son, Astala Dylan Willow Geldoff-Cohen. Bob has shared his dislike of his daughters interesting choice saying: “What is he going to get called at school Ass or Stella?”