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News in Brief – Storms Hit Hard As Gun Law Repealed


So NIB is back after prolonged Christmas hols and what’s been happening around the country?

We’re all underwater as storms continue to wreak havoc like the last guest at your New Year’s Eve party, who wasn’t invited anyway and then turned up with friends in tow and ate the entire prawn ring, but anyway. According to those in the know, jobs are looking up, crime stats are down and soon North and South might be getting along. Continue reading

CIRA Threatens To Murder Irish Personnel Serving In British Forces


CIRAThe recrudescence of rioting factions and paramilitary groups in this country should be a concern for all. In recent weeks we have seen rioting in the North against the decision by councillors in Belfast to only occasionally fly the Union Flag. And in the same week Continuity IRA prisoners in Portlaoise prison made a statement stating that any Irish citizen that serves in the British military is a ‘legitimate target’ for their organisation. A planned Loyalist protest this week in Dublin was scrapped but only because it was hurried and not planned. The group was to ‘sarcastically’ call for Leinster House to lower the Irish flag in a reaction against the Belfast City Council’s decision to fly the Union flag on certain days of the year.

The rioters in the North have caused unpardonable infrastructural damage, injured and maimed many PSNI officers trying to keep peace and brought parts of Belfast to a standstill. There has not been a night this week in which some form of rioting has not occurred in the city of Belfast. PSNI  officers have been at the forefront of the mayhem and have been exemplary. Rioting thugs have burned out many vehicles in the city including a double-decker bus in the Rathcoole area of Newtownabbey and have single-handedly caused hundreds of thousands of pounds in damage. Reports also suggest that the thugs who have closed off roads in protest have refused access to local individuals trying to go about their business. A number of disgusting reports have come to light; a local GP being refused passage to get to a cancer patients house; an elderly man refused access to the area where he lived even though his terminally ill wife awaited his return; and other reports of thugs attacking random cars as they passed through their imposed blockades.

The situation in the North had been improving but the recent snag has suggested a return to high tensions between factions.

The other issue of concern regards Irish citizens serving in the British Armed Forces. In a disgusting statement from Continuity IRA inmates in Portlaoise prison it was said that such Irish citizens were targets for murder. Inmates stated that “The moment you don a British uniform you become a legitimate target for the IRA”. The outlawed organisation has never so directly incited the murder of Irish citizens but recent statistics have suggested a rise in the number of Irish citizens joining the British Armed Forces. The number is still relatively low; around 400 Irish citizens serve in the forces. Many of them have served overseas fighting the fanatical Jihadist group the Taliban but now face a threat when they return home to their own soil.

In December Gardai foiled a plot by the Continuity IRA to assassinate an Irishman serving in the British army while he was home for the Christmas period. The man was supposed to visit family in Limerick but was advised not to return home because of the serious threat to his life. The would-be murderers had befriended the man, who is in his 20’s, on Facebook months beforehand and had acquired a gun to carry out the assassination. The sinister development of the CIRA’s decision to actively seek to carry out such murders is one of major concern.

The British Ministry of Defence duly condemned the statement, “We condemn any threat of mindless violence against members of the British Armed Forces. We are committed to protecting them and all Irish personnel are being informed about this specific threat. The statement made by the Continuity IRA is a matter for the Garda Síochána”. Gardai are continuing to investigate the threats and warn any Irish citizen serving in the British Armed Forces to be aware of such a threat.

By Shuki Byrne

News In Brief-Pet Cameras Are For Life, Not Just Christmas

Belfast union flag marchIt’s back to reality. Christmas is over and we’re all back at work including Belfast’s loyal rioters. There ain’t no party like a riotous party, proved by some of the city’s less law-abiding citizens. If you’re looking for a cheap getaway in the new year the bus is €16 and leaves Belfast Europa Bus Station every hour.

Also up north a man in Derry has been fined after stealing a CCTV camera which became his friend. Police found Peter Morrison, 24, drunk and “petting” the camera as they arrived to arrest him. Let’s hope he remembers CCTV pets are for life not just for Christmas.

European Council President Herman Van Rompuy has put his faith in Ireland after the successful debt auction yesterday. Enda and Eamon had a chat with Rompuy after making €2.5bn in a sale of five-year bonds, during which he praised our triumph over financial struggles. News in Brief doesn’t want to to worry anyone but anyone shopping at a ’debt auction’ sounds more dodgy than Tesco Value chicken and Van Rompuy? Bit to close to Disney villain for comfort.

Tabloid torturers and playful politician pokers have released figures demonstrating the website doubled traffic last year. The site acts as an image led feed of headlines and happenings maintained by journalists and like minded informants, famous for its “Meanwhile . . . “ headlines and the first place to find photographs of what’s going on up and down the country. It is demonstrative of the developing ways in which we share and look at news. So what did the figures of this evolutionary website show? The top three pages viewed last year were: Meanwhile at the Smithfield Horse Fair; Rosanna Davison’s Playboy Cover; and Poznan: Thanks for the Mammaries. New media it may be but nude media is timeless.

In more exciting news a rare sighting of the African Cattle Egret bird has been reported in Donegal! Walking behind a pig. Yes. Behind a pig.
This is only the second sighting of the bird as far north on the island of Ireland. A member of the heron family it has previously been spotted in the south but usually migrates to Africa for the Winter. this year it obviously decided to spend the festive season abroad. On a pig farm in Donegal. Birdwatch Ireland development officer Niall Hatch said, “when you see birds like this turning up in new areas, it is often a sign that something is changing.”

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changing. Sorry slipped into a bit of Bowie there for a minute. Remember him? Psychedelic seventies androgyny personified. Hold the phone he’s back!
It’s true! As News in Brief is sure you’re well aware, unless you live in a Labyrinth. The “last enigma of pop” as the Independent titled him, has this week released his first new single in forever to coincide with his 66th birthday. An album is to follow and accompany an exhibition of his eccentric fashions at the Victoria and Albert museum in London in March. While News in Brief doesn’t want to dampen Ziggy’s stardust, Bowie could have released a recording of his own bottom sounds and still reach number 1 in the charts.

Well it looks like we’re officially back to the grind and News in Brief already feels like a holiday. Until next week!