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News in Brief- No Plane Sailing For Rogue Irish


Turns out Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan was sacked ‘on a whim’, NIB’s feeling whimmy this week, or full of whimsy, or whatever the phrase may be. Anyway . . .

Two Tic-tac workers have been offered a sweet deal after they were sacked by the sweet-maker for changing the recipe on a batch of Tic-tacs in a case of ‘gross misconduct’ (this story wins an award for most bizarre thing NIB’S heard in a while). How would you change the Tic-tac recipe, more importantly why? They’re hardly Willy Wonka worthy treats. Anyway, it doesn’t matter; the two workers were found to have been unfairly dismissed and awarded a pay-out in court. Continue reading

Manhunt Underway as Garda Hijacker Flees Over The Border

Gardaí are conducting a manhunt on both sides of the border after a man stole a Garda car and drove it across the border into Northern Ireland before abandoning it in south Armagh.

The man was stopped by two Gardaí driving near Lusk, Co Dublin, at around 9.30pm last night.

He was arrested on suspicion of drink-driving and placed in the Garda car.

However, he managed to get into the driver’s seat and steal the car.

He then drove it through the toll bridge outside Drogheda, before travelling across the border and abandoning the vehicle in Armagh. Twenty squad cars and a helicopter chased the assailant but failed to apprehend him.

The PSNI is assisting with the investigation.

Gardaí say they believe they know the identity of the man and are confident of apprehending him.