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Jimmy Ellis : The Forgotten Champ

When people think of a former World Heavyweight Champion they think of the greats like Muhammad Ali , Joe Frazier, George Foreman, Max Schmeling and the list goes on. One name you won’t hear though is that of Jimmy Ellis.

Ellis , a native of Louisville,  Kentucky, started boxing as an amateur after watching a friend box the one and only Muhammad Ali on a televised amateur show called “Tomorrow’s Champions”. After watching his friend ( Donnie Hall) lose, Jimmy Ellis thought he had what it took to be a fighter. He followed his friend to Louisville’s Columbia Boxing Gym where he started his amateur career under the coaching of a police officer called Joe Martin. Ellis was no doubt a talent, notching up a very impressive amateur record winning 59 of his 66 fights. He fought Ali twice as an amateur, losing the first and winning the second. He was a Golden Gloves Champion and no doubt was a big prospect as he turned pro in 1961. Continue reading

Jennings Maintains Unbeaten Record Against Szpilka


Bryant Jennings improved his professional boxing record to 18-0-10 KOs on his HBO debut on Saturday night.

Jennings took on fellow unbeaten heavyweight Arthur Szpilka of Poland, who boasted a 16-0-12 KOs record , at Madison Square Garden on the undercard of the Mikey Garcia vs Juan Carlos Burgos bout. Continue reading

Brave Macklin Surrenders In 11th Round

Sergio Martinez beat Matthew Macklin by a technical knockout at Madison Square Garden in New York last night to remain the world middleweight champion.

It wasn’t plain sailing for the formidable fighter though. Tipperary Tornado Macklin has no doubt endeared himself to the boxing world by giving world champion Martinez arguably his toughest match of his career.

The Irish fighter battled valiantly with the Argentinian, trading heavy blows what for what was a pretty even contest. However Martinez floored Macklin twice in the 11th round forcing his camp to throw in the towel.

Macklin (29) felt he was in control for much of the fight. He said on Sky Sports 1: “I thought I had the most momentum, I thought I was in the driver’s seat. Some of the rounds were close but I thought I was dictating.

“I was the one that was boxing to the game plan, and I was taking him out of his.”

Macklin explained he took a more cautious and technical approach to the fight than usual.

He said: “Putting reckless pressure on would have been detrimental so I tried to feint, move my head, box, take him out of his rhythm, upset him a little bit and ease my way into the fight, then start putting the pressure on.”

The tactic was a good one and some observers had him level or even ahead once the glove of Martinez, the heavy favourite with bookmakers, touched the canvas in the seventh round.

Thereafter though it was all about the 37-year-old, who upped his game and dominated from then.

Asked what changed as the fight wore on, Macklin said: “I switched off a little bit upstairs, stopped moving my head a little bit.

“It wasn’t extreme fatigue because it wasn’t that sort of fight but I certainly slowed a little bit, stopped moving my head, got a bit heavy on my feet and he caught me square a few times.

“That allowed him to get his confidence up and get into his rhythm.”

“I’ve never ever quit,” said Macklin. “I wanted to continue. I gave it 100%. I think anyone who watched would agree. Hopefully I didn’t let anyone down.”

With Martinez nearing the twilight of his career, the stage looks set for Macklin to take over his reign as world champion. Whether he will get a rematch with the Argentine remains to be seen but Macklin will remain firm in the belief that his time will come and few would argue against him.

Tipperary Tornado Primed And Ready For Martinez Battle

The eyes of Ireland will fall on Madison Square Garden this weekend when Irish fighter Matthew Macklin faces Sergio Martinez in the fight of his life.

 Birmingham born middleweight Macklin says he is ignoring the hype surrounding his opponent and is sure he possesses the ability to topple the Argentine, who is regarded by many as one of the top three boxers in the world.

29 year old Macklin also known as The Tipperary Tornado cannot wait to do battle with Martinez for the middleweight title.

“It’s a difficult fight, no doubt, but he’s not unbeatable. I have the tools to beat him,” said Macklin who made his boxing debut 18 years ago to the day.

“The media can build you up but no-one’s a monster, he’s a man, and when he gets hit on the nose it’ll hurt.”

Martinez, 37, is widely considered to be among the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world and Macklin knows he has to be at his best.

“He’s a really good fighter, what he does he does well,” said Macklin who grew up in his mother’s home county of Tipperary.

“He’s slick, an awkward southpaw, lots of lateral movement and has good reflexes and good timing.”

Macklin has been patiently waiting to get his hands on Martinez and feels that his recent move to New York is benefitting his career.”I feel like I’m getting better and better. I’ve had frustrating times when I’ve been inactive but I feel that’s kept me fresh for all these years.

“I feel like my hand speed’s improving and I’m getting sharper and the reflexes are better, I’m just becoming a better fighter.”

“The stage is set for me to go and beat Sergio Martinez and I’ll just explode overnight,” concluded Macklin who is fully focused on dethroning one of the greatest middleweights of all time.