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Giro D’Italia Doesn’t Disappoint


This is a bit of a departure (and not just for the riders) as I usually focus on museums, gardens and the like, but this was one of those ‘once in a ….’ type of events even for a non-cyclist. I’d go so far as to say that I’m a born again cycling virgin as I gave it all up many years ago after falling off a couple of times (rather painfully) and decided that it wasn’t for me. Not only can I not ride a bike, but I also know very little about competitive cycling. Having got my lack of credentials out in the open let us proceed with my experience of the Giro D’Italia 2014.

Sunday afternoon found us sauntering through Dublin city centre debating where to stand for the best view of the race. Having suffered from terrible vantage points at the St Patrick’s Day parade many times, we gave ourselves plenty of time. The only snag with doing that is that you have an awful lot of standing around. Map in hand, we headed down towards Nassau Street with the intention of pitching camp near to the finishing line in Upper Merrion Street. We saw some pink bunting around, but there wasn’t as much festive decoration on the streets as we had expected which was disappointing. There were plenty of pink rain ponchos around however. Continue reading